Better Reading for the Gods (Benjamin B. Kacper S.)

King Midas

King Midas is a very wealthy and greedy god. He can also be very clumsy. He once found a man that was hungry and had nowhere to go. So the king took him and fed him well, and returned him to his family. For this, he was greatly rewarded with one wish. Midas wished that anything he touched would turn to gold. So when he started touching everything, his daughter came in crying, "What happened?!", but when he came to calm her down, she turned to gold! King Midas was eternally sad, so the god who granted him this power, told him that if he washed himself in the river, everything would return to normal. So in the morning he went down to the river and washed down and everything turned to normal.


We will be comparing King Midas to Kim Kardashian.

How are they alike?

1 - They are both greedy.

King Midas wanted to be rich so he wished for everything he touched to turn into gold. Kim also wants to be rich and demands to be paid for every public appearance, and to wear designer clothes.

2 - Both make selfish decisions.

Kim had an expensive wedding, and made lots of money off of it, and received expensive gifts. Two and a half months later, they were divorced. When King Midas wished for everything he touched to turn to gold, he didn't realize that his food and drink would also turn to gold.

3 - King Midas turned his daughter into a gold statue. Kim has had so much plastic surgery that she looks like a statue.

4 - King Midas lived in Phrygia, a land famous for its legendary kings. Kim lives in Beverly Hills, a city famous for legendary actors and singers.

5.They are both famous because they were kings

How are they different.

1 - Kim is pregnant and expecting a baby boy. King Midas had a daughter.

2 - King Midas symbols are gold and donkey ears. Kim is viewed like a 'symbol' of fashion.

3 - According to one legend, King Midas was adopted by his parents. Kim was not adopted; she was born to Robert and Kris Kardashian.

4.King Midas is a man, and Kim K. is a woman.

5.King Midas is dead, and Kin K. is not.




Interviewer:Hi King Midas

King Midas:Hi

Interviewer:So I heard you really like gold why do you like so much

King Midas:Good question I like gold because its shiny and it’s yellow and yellow is my favorite color also it amuses mi when i’m bored and also I like rolling around in my gold and i like tossing it in the air and it also reminds me how rich i am but just because I really like dosn’t mean that I like it more than my daughter.

Interviewer:How much do you like her because I heard That you were really sad when your gaughter turned to statue

King Midas:I like my daughter more than anything else .I hope that I will never lose her because she is really important to me.

Interviewer:how did you feel when your daughter turned to a golden statue

King Midas:I don’t even want to think about that moment.I feelt horible I thaught that i would never see her again.

Interviewer:That must have been a horrible moment for you.

King Midas: Yes it was.

Interviewer:Why did you make that wish

King Midas:Because I thought that it would turn out good I didn’t really think it through.

Interviewer:You should allways be carefull of what you wish for.

King Midas:Yes thats true.

Interviewer:How did you turn every thing back to normal

King Midas:I took this water from a pond and washed my hands in them and took lots of that water to my palace and I turned every thing back to normal

Interviewer:Do you have a dog.

King Midas:yes i have two they are my daughters dogs.

Interviewer:How sad was your daughter when you turned her roses to gold

King midas:She rushed down the hallway and yelled ‘’Dad what happend to my flowers’’ and then she started crying.

Interviewer:That must have been a terrible moment for you guys.

King Midas:Yes it was

Interviewer:Bye and thank you for your time.

King Midas: And thank you.