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Message from the RVR Editors

Happy 2022, TMS! We hope you had a warm holiday season with friends and family! Roaring Voices Review, Tamanend's Literary Magazine, welcomes you to our winter edition. Here, you will find a variety of content made by our club members; art, photography, poetry, short stories, and more. We would appreciate you sharing this newsletter with the community for more engagement.

Thank you for viewing and have an awesome wintry season! Look out for our spring edition in upcoming weekly Tamanend newsletters!

German Christmas Fair by Caylee Hansel

Winter Haikus by Victoria Donovan

Crackle, pop, sizzle

A warm burning fireplace

Inside of my house

Soft, powdery snow

And salt covers my driveway

Shovels on porches

Lights cover houses

Car windows frosted over

Kids sledding down hills

Winnie the Pooh by Madison Oh

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Winter Melodies by Varunikha Satheesh

I look into the mirror.

I stare at a reflection of me.

My eyes are dull and lifeless.

My eyes are bright with the shine of eyeshadow.

My lips are cracked, sealed with copper red tint or blood.

Precious plump lips, lined with pink gloss.

My skin is flaky, colorless like a rough canvas.

My skin is bright, like the eternal sun.

My body is below average.

I see a perfect shape.

No one wants me.

Everyone envies me.

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Winter Wind by Caylee Hansel

But there is nothing quite like winter air.

The cold way it slaps your face when you step outside.

The refreshing way it burns your lungs.

The way the winter wind nips at your nose.

How the warm air tumbles as it escapes your lips


and disappears into the freezing air once again.

Peddler's Village by Savannah Hooker

Winter's Venom by Araiza Del Toro Amaya

The tips of my ears home the color rose whilst delinquent flakes of white escape their soft, brutal prisons. The same warriors of white burrow themselves on the ground and rest upon the black locks of my hair. Inhaling, warmth now extinguished, cold shoves its way into my nose – freezing the once balmy environment. Chilly fingers intertwine with mine as well as hugging me deeply with its body. Letting go to the cold’s grasp, I stride forward, soft crunches accompanying me throughout. My jacket now almost feeling nonexistent as winter continues to find any crevice to graze my skin. Nothing but naked bark and white cover my view with the sometimes-apparent stumps; marking the graves of the fallen.

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Reindeer by Rachel Thomas

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Snow by Layla Wood

Snow. When you think of snow you think of winter, and the holidays that come with it. But for me I think of it as a monster. It was the start of winter break. the littles were out playing in the snow and ma was inside making dinner. I was stuck with the worst job of all, shoveling snow.

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Celebrating in El Salvador by Araiza Del Toro Amaya

New York City by Talia Perlman

Pixel Art Reindeer by Layla Wood

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Skies by Dipti Malathker

Balanced by Araiza Del Toro Amaya

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Shamash Candle by Shae Gruber

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El Salvador's Food by Araiza Del Toro Amaya

Elf by Rachel Thomas

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Eagles Stadium by Shae Gruber