The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Mikaela Shafer


The text structure the author uses defines the character of walter mitty as a victim, self confident and timid.

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The first way walter mitty is defined is by being a victim. Walters wife never hesitates to call Walter out or make hm feel bad. She gets angry when Walter cant do things the way she wants. The car deeler men think hes dumb for not being able to put on and take chains of the tires.
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Secondly self confidence is another thing that defines Walter. Walter lacks self confidence in many ways. When walter took a trip to the car dealership he felt dumb because of the way the car man looked at him. Therefor he decided to put a sling on his arm eachtime he goes to make it seem like he physically can not put a chain on the tire. You can also tell how walter may walk around amilisly when the parking garage men was rude to him.
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Lastly timid defines Walter. In the story he is unable to be proud of who he is until the end when he stands up for him. He gets very shy and doesnt talk back when the Ballet man yelled at him. Walter does not say anything back to his wife when she insults him or hurts him.
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These three main reasons are just the start of how the author uses text structure to define characterzation on Walter Mitty.