Rusty Crayfish

By: Pumpkin Purcell

What is it?

Rusty crayfish can be identified by their robust claws, and by dark, rusty spots on each side of their carapace. The spots are located on the carapace as though you picked up the crayfish with paint on your forefinger and thumb. The spots may not always be present or well developed on rusty crayfish from some waters

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Why Are They a Problem?

The rusty crayfish are so easily spread by dumping live bait into the water, we need anglers to help pass the word that bait must be disposed of by humanely killing it. Crayfish can live a long time out of water and are capable of traveling long distances so merely dumping them on shore is no prevention at all.

Where are they?

They are in the native parts of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and Michigan. They have also invaded portions of Massachusetts, Iowa, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and all of New England states except Rhode Island, and many areas of Ontario, Canada.