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Here is what happened recently

Weclome to a new and exciting year


First of all - let me welcome you to a new and exciting year, which, as you undoubtedly have realized, has started quite a while ago. I therefore must apologize to all of you for the delay in this newsletter - things have been rather busy. As you can imagine, the first weeks of term are always full of excitement - new students arriving, students returning, everybody is finding their way and, of course, making the most of the university experience. Arrivals weekend and Welcome week were both a huge success - many parents, who 'delivered' our new students complimented us on how well everything was organized. And it did help that the sun was shining.

Our fantastic Rutherford Student Committee (with Mohona, Billy and Jon in the lead) then took over and made sure that everybody had a great time during Welcome week. Together with the committee from Eliot College they organized a great 'Activities day' with stalls offering face-painting, LaCross-trials, lotteries, etc. The bouncy castle was also a massive success and the Pole-Exercise Society had quite a big audience, when they did their performance.

Social/Study Hub

Many of you will be sad to hear that the Rutherford Atom Bar no longer exists. However, the good and exciting news is that this space has been converted into a social/study hub, where students can get together, work together and also relax together. During the day it is open to everybody, while in the evenings it provides a space for various societies. The space sports a 'bar' area where the usual pint-pumps have been replaced with PC. There are also areas for group work (with monitors) and comfy chairs to relax.

Rutherford Grass Roots Lecture

On October 24th we had our first Rutherford College Grass roots lecture this academic year, given by Prof Julia Twigg, entitled 'Fashion and Age: Dress, the Body and Later Life'

Clothes have traditionally been age ordered, with certain sorts of dress though suitable – or more significantly unsuitable – for people as they age. Older women in particular have been subject to pressure to tone down and adopt self effacing forms of dress. The rise of consumption culture and shifts in the social location of - some - older people, however, has begun to erode this. The lecture explored how far age ordering still rules.

Julia Twigg is Professor of Social Policy and Sociology at the University of Kent. The lecture marked the publication of the book Fashion and Age: Dress, the Body and Later Life, Bloomsbury. It draws on ESCR and British Academy funded research.
After the lecture, there was a book signing, which was followed by the now traditional 'Goulash dinner' in the magnificent Rutherford College dining hall.

Another highlight of the evening was the musical entertainment by Ben Breen - a first year computer-science student, who showed us that being blind from birth does not have to stop you from being an excellent pianist. I am sure we will hear much more from Ben.

High Table

This year our Rutherford College High Table took place on October 30th. It was preceded by a great lecture given by Jonathan Cooper OBE on the Human Rights Act. Jonathan has particular expertise in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and human rights and equality rights in the EU. He has been instrumental in training public authorities and lawyers in the UK on the implementation of the Human Rights Act 1998 and was responsible for devising and carrying out human rights training for various UK government departments, including the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) and the Ministry of Justice (MoJ).

Jonathan is one of our Honorary Graduates and also a former Rutherford College student. It was therefore particularly enjoyable to have him as the guest of honour at our High Table event.

Phone Booth

Ok - mobile phones are taking over, but......don't we all sometimes think back to the good old times, when there were phone booths? We revived the one in the College and literally gave it a fresh lick of paint. The colours are so....... well, come along and see for yourself.

Last but not least - a very big Thank YOU

As it says in the title - I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to everybody, who makes this (our) College such a great success. First of all a humongous "Thank You" to Sue Casement for being an exceptional assistant. Sue is the most amazing person I have had the good fortune to work with. She really keeps the College running. Also a big "thank you" to our great receptionists Anne, Pauline and Sonia - they are always there for the students, they are always helpful and supportive. "Thank you" also to Julie and the dining room staff and Mark and his crew in the kitchen. You all do an amazing job and without your effort the College would not be such a fabulous place. I already mentioned the Rutherford Student Committee - you guys really rock!!!

Last but not least - a big "Thank You" to all our Honorary, Senior Honorary members and Alumni for supporting us. It means an awful lot to us and the College could not do without you.

Rutherford College Master's Office