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What Are We Learning?

This week we are continuing to learn about our Five Senses. We have talked about sight, hearing, smell, and touch. Thursday & Friday we will learn about taste with a taste test activity (thanks for your help!) and review all of our senses!

Yesterday was our first day of literacy stations! I was super proud of each of them. We have several activities included within literacy stations including dobbers & stamps (both favorites!). We are practicing many skills during this time such as sight words, letter identification, beginning sounds and comprehension.

Reading Skills:

Phonics: Letter Names & Sounds

Phonological Awareness: Syllable blending and segmenting, rhyming


This Week: H

Last Week: G

Poem: "Family"

Brother, sisters, both or none,

both or none.

Brother, sisters, both or none,

both or none.

Families are different for everyone.

Brothers, sisters, both or none,

both or none?

Sight Words: This week: to, in

Last week: I, go

Review, a, is


2D shapes-describing, comparing, naming, sorting

Patterns-AB patterns

Number identification


Folders: Check student folders every day and send back every day..

Snack: Please check snack calendar and send at least 20 snacks with your child the day listed. We do have a peanut allergy so please be aware.

Snack Calendar

Please send 20 snacks with your child the day listed.
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Coming Up!

Friday, September 16: Scholastic Book Orders Due

Monday, Septemer 19: Professional Day - No School for Students