Common Core - Tech Integration

August 27th & 28th

Mission For Today

•To validate your content and pedagogical skills
•To design around content and integrate technology . . . when appropriate
•To try something different
Terry Moore: How to tie your shoes

Common Core - Highly Recommended Site to Branch Out
...including links to Scholastic, Read-Write-Think, Interactive Sites

Learn Zillion

Video lessons and assessments.

Each lesson highlights a Common Core Standard

Common Core - App on Web
This link takes you directly to the specific standards. It interfaces the same way as the app. Download the app :)

Checklist of Standards

A "kid-friendly" version will be coming to you in the future . . .

Let's Get This Started . . September Days and Visual Prompts

Dot Day! September 15, 2013 (Celebrated on September 13th)

Celebrate Creativity, Courage & Collaboration!

FREE colorful 8 1/2 x 11 inspirational posters

The Dot book is read on a You Tube video. Kids LOVE The Dot.

September 17, 2013
FREE Download for Constitution Day

iCivics - More sophisticated games for 6th graders
Interactive resource for Constitution Day

Visual Writing Prompts

Visual Images With Prompts


Your mission is to explore the following sites and create a work of art to symbolize you/your values. You may use your photos, images from the web, or your words. ( For those of you worried about copyright images, here are two safe sites: Pics4Learning, FlickrStorm.)

Bonus points - Upload your creation to your webpage so you have something new to welcome your students.
You can download the creation or take a screenshot of it - Hold down shift command 4.


No log in required. Just upload pictures. Pick a shape or a word and download.

Motivational Posters

Printable motivational posters

More Photo Collages
-Quick and easy collage maker

VERY Popular Photo Editor
-Super easy photo editor with lots of free effects

Visual Poetry

Language is a Virus
Creative use of words


Enter a phrase and images will illustrate each word.

Using Words to Create - Tags

Word Mosaic - Upload words, select a design, and take a screen shot shift command 4.
LOTS of fun things to try :)
Copy and paste words or type in words. The more times you type a word, the larger the word will appear.
This is one of my favorite sites but it requires a plug in, so I'd play with it when you have more time. WORTH checking out!

Anna Hentz

7th Grade Humanities
K - 8 Technology Curriculum Leader