Welcome to the FAST Support Track!

Rev up your engine....

You're in the Driver's Seat!

No matter if this is your first year...or fifth year in school, YOU are in the driver's seat. Just like successful drivers, successful students must maneuver through their courses. A large portion of the end result is in their hands. All students must "drive" through their own daily plan and continue to finish each course.

At the same time, no driver is successful alone. They understand the importance of a skilled pit crew. This is true for school, as well. The FAST (aka Family Academic Support Team) is your school's "pit crew." Part of FAST's job is to keep you on the road to success and provide "road" assistance when needed. The FAST crew jumps in with support for those unexpected issues, as well as the routine ones. Their help enables the student to stay on track!

My name is Mrs. Whalen. I am a Family Academic Support Liaison (FASL) and part of ISPA's FAST crew. We are about to begin your "tune-up" that will get you back on the track!!

To qualify as a "driver", your first stop is driver's ed! Here we will inform you of the basic skills necessary in completing your courses! Below is the time and date for this first meeting.

**SPECIAL NOTE*** Sponsors, (aka learning coaches), your role is vital to success. For this reason, you are REQUIRED to attend this first meeting as well. You have two options for your convenience: an afternoon session or an evening session. If you are unable to attend, you are responsible to contact me. Your student depends on your active role in their future. Each "driver" is worth the investment!!


Driver's Ed: FAST Track Requirements

Tuesday, June 5th, 2:30pm

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Discover the basic qualities of an engaged ISPA student. Know your mile markers. Keep up the pace!

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Evening Driver's Ed: FAST Track Requirements

Tuesday, June 5th, 7pm

This is an online event.

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