Tasmanian Forester Kangaroo

Australia, New Zealand, Oceania


  • The Tasmanian Forester Kangaroo is a mammal.
  • Usually has brown fur, but can sometimes also have grey fur.
  • Adults can grow up to be 6.5 feet and weigh up to 130 pounds.(TFK)

Food Chain

  • Tasmanian Forester Kangaroos are herbivores and eat shrubs, herbs and grass.
  • They find food in grasslands, woodlands, and dry forests.
  • Predators are dingoes, foxes, feral cats & thylacine.
  • They have no prey. (TFK)


  • Forester Kangaroos mostly live in the northern part of Tasmania.
  • The terrain is mostly a prairie.
  • The climate is almost always humid and very hot. (PWS)
  • They live in dens & caves.
  • Sometimes Forester Kangaroos live in shady forest areas. (WILD)


Finding/ Eating Food:
  • Have dull teeth to eat shrubs and grass.
  • Travel in groups to find food. (AG)
  • Have forepaws that are good for punching.
  • The kangaroos "box" each other for practice (only males).
  • Also have sharp toenails that can disembowel an opponent. (AG)

Critical Information

  • Mount William National Park was bought is the 1970's to protect the Tasmanian Forester Kangaroos.
  • Kangaroos have been losing land, but the Tasmanian Government is trying to get it back.
  • People still hunt kangaroos for their fur even though it's illegal.
  • There is a 10% chance that these kangaroos will go extinct in the next 100 years. (AG)
Feeding Kangaroos

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