Mitosis stages

By: Lala Everlee

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Interphase is the time during which preparations for mitosis are made. Interphase itself is made up of three phases -- G1 phase, S phase, and G2 phase -- along with a special phase called G0. G1 is when the cell makes more ribosomes and proteins, so that it can grow to its proper size. S phase is when it copies its DNA, the proteins that package DNA, and more cell membrane material. G2 phase is when the organelles divide, and the last phase before mitosis begins. G0 is a special phase that is right before G1 or that the cell can enter while it’s in G1. A cell that enters G0 generally matures into one that has a special function, and will no longer re-enter the cell cycle.
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Nuclear membrane disappears, chromosomes become visable and centrolies move to oppsite poles of the cell.

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the chromosomes line up across the center of the cell.each chromosome attaches to a spindle fiber at its centeromere.
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is the stage in mitosis or meiosis following metaphase in which the daughter chromosomes move away from each other to opposite ends of the cell.
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the final stage of meiosis or mitosis, in which the separated chromosomes reach the opposite poles of the dividing cell and thenuclei of the daughter cells form around the two sets of chromosomes.
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when the cytoplasm, for both plant and animal cells, divides, thus creating two daughter cells that are genetically equal and approximately identical in size.
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