West by Talayha


States in the West

Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Alaska, Hawaii.

There are many landforms in the west.

Have you ever wanted to know what the landforms are in the west? The highest landform is Mt Mckinley and Alaska. The lowest landform is death valley and California

The landforms in the west region are Columbia, Pacific ocean, coast range, sierra, Nevada range, brooks range, Alaska range, cascades, great salt lake rocky, colorado, Arkansas, red, rio grande, Missouri,Mississippi, Mexico, Ohio, great lakes.

The major bodies of water in the west

Major bodies of water in the west are Arkansas river, colorado river, Ro grande river, snake river, platte river, yellow stone river, columbia river and Missouri river.

The climate in the west

The climates in the west region is hot, cold, warm, dry- death valley and Snow.

Natural resources in the west

The Natural resources in the west region are soil and oil. Soil is important to grow fresh food. Oil is popular because the trans Alaska pipeline transports to all parts of the world.

Main languages in the west

Two of the languages spoken in the west region are spanish and english.

Major cities in the west

Some of the major cities are Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City and Denver

Important Jobs or Businesses

Some of the Important jobs are Plantations jobs, Enertament Mining and fishing.

fun facts in the west

Fun facts about the west are Alaska and Hawaii are both in the west. Denali national park Alaska, yellow stone national park, Wyoming, Bryce canyon in Utah rocky Mountains, Mountain mckinley.

Key words

Some key words in the west are the west is made up of eleven states and the largest region in the us


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