Rent him for only $17.32/hr!

I'm Batman!

Rent-a-Batman is THE best Batman rental company on the market!* You can rent Batman at anytime, day or night! He'll do ANYTHING! He can cook dinner, beat up Joker, watch a movie with you, drive you around Gotham, tell you his secret identity,** and much, much more!

*Rent-a-Batman is the ONLY Batman rental service on the market.

**It's Bruce Wayne.

We have a wide selection of Batmen! (Batmans?)

Come to our retail location or meet us on our website!

You can find us at 228 Bat Blvd, Gotham City, NY or visit our website at if you want your Batman shipped directly to you. It's your choice.

Opening Hours:

Weekends: 2:05 AM- 6:43 AM

Weekdays: 8:54 PM- Midnight:01

Tuesday: Batman is only available for cleaning your hamster/guinea pig/gerbil's cage.