How to clean kitchen

Clean kitchen

How to clean your kitchen


Kitchen cabinets collect more grease, food spills, and moisture than other parts of the house. Bathroom cabinets add hair spray and toothpaste to the mix. Grime builds up fastest around handles of doors and drawers, which are constantly opened by sticky hands. Greasy soil comes off more easily if it isn't allowed to build up too long.
Painted wood, metal, laminated plastic or wood-grain vinyl surfaces can be cleaned with detergent and warm water solution. Rinse with a cloth or sponge dampened in clean water. Using a dry cloth or paper towel to wipe the surface dry prevents streaking. Most all-purpose household cleaners may also be used;
Cleaning Natural Finished Wood Cabinets, which you have to use a variety of commercial products, usually sprays, made for this purpose. And make sure there is no spark or flame or pilot light burning in the area that could cause a fire. Dispose of cloths used in a tightly sealed container, again not near a spark or flame. Test inside a door to be sure the cleaner will not harm the finish before starting on other surfaces; they can damage some. Be careful with overspray, they can make a floor slippery.