Donate to ECORV

Even a 1 dollar bill is fine!

What's ECORV, and why should I donate to ECORV?

As most of Northampton county knows by now, Northampton High School has been converting a regular car into an electric car for a competition. ECORV us the name of our team. In April, we will go with our hopefully finished electric car to Richmond International Raceway. We need money to buy all the parts like the battery and motor, and most importantly, the car that we're going to convert. Our teachers, Mr.Ryan and Mr.Miller have summed up a total of $10,000 or so. We have currently $10,000 more to go. We are trying to collect money for the car to built, so any amount of money is okay. Northampton county has a reputation for being the worst, so our goal is to win this competition and turn things around.

Remember, even a 1 dollar bill will be cherished!