Car Wash for Deaf Chidren

All Money Goes to The American School For The Deaf

When: Friday May 15, 2015

Time: 2:30-4:00

Where: 1388 Wesley Oats Ct, 30327

Our Goal...

We want to raise $100-150 for children who are deaf experience hearing loss.

Technology to Help The Deaf

Hearing Aids: Amplifies sound for children who have a hearing Impairments.

Cochlear Implant: Electronic medical device that does the work for the damaged parts in the inner ear to provide sound signals to the brain.

Where is Your Money Going?

Your money will be going to the American School for the deaf in Conneticut for technology that helps make it easier to learn. This is the first deaf school in America founded in 1817. They are in need for money. They teach sign language. They also have 174 students and 328 staff. Website: