Get Happy and Make Things Happen!!


Know what makes me happy? Know what makes me excited? SPRING!!! And it's not just because of the warmer weather, being outside, going to the beach, flowers blooming, golf starting, March madness--it's because THIS IS THE BEST TIME OF THE YEAR FOR OUR BUSINESS!!! March-April and May have unlimited potential! I mean UNLIMITED! And here is why:

1. People are OVER winter and are HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!
2. They want BRIGHT COLORS AND SUNSHINE (and we have both!!)
3. They are so ready to get out of the house!
4. They want a reason to SHOP FOR SPRING WARDROBE!
5. They want a reason to CELEBRATE!
6. They are looking for summer wear for special occasions
7. EASTER! (hello interlock cross necklace!)
8. Mother's Day!
9. So many reasons to celebrate--Kentucky Derby, Tea and Garden parties, festivals etc.
10. Hello SUMMER COLLECTION--tunics, apparel and sunglasses too!

I could come up with a longer list but you get the point! And GIRLS---WOMEN ARE GOING TO GO SHOPPING AND SPENDING MONEY SOMEWHERE SO SHOULDN'T IT BE WITH YOU??

Plan Ahead!

The best thing you can do....

The best thing someone told me and the best thing I think you can do for your business is PLAN AHEAD!!! Have at least half of the number of shows you want for the next month BOOKED BEFORE THE MONTH COMES AROUND! So in March--like RIGHT NOW--go ahead and plan ahead and start booking for APRIL!!!! Get at least 2 shows booked for April if your goal is 4--if your goal is 6--book 3 before March is over! This makes it more fun because you are not STRESSING--you can ENJOY SPRING and BE EXCITED! Because we all know this business is so much more exciting and rewarding and enjoyable when you have TRUNK SHOWS ON THE BOOKS!


1. Get new customers
2. Sale the most in a small amount of time
3. Meet new potential hostesses and BOOK SHOWS!
4. Meet new potential stylists and SPONSOR!
5. Create relationships with new lifelong customers!

And in ONE TRUNK SHOW a WEEKS WORTH OF WORK IS DONE! A weeks worth of getting online and emailing, looking for contacts on Facebook, etc! Its all DONE IN ONE TRUNK SHOW!

So get out there and get booking! It's only MARCH 9th LADIES! That's it!!!! We still have 22 DAYS LEFT BEFORE APRIL ROLLS AROUND!

Tips from the TOP

1. Do a BOOKING BLITZ!! I know it does not seem like fun and you might dread it a bit but you will be SO SO GLAD you did it when it's done! It's an hour at most of putting on your big girl panties and CALLING CUSTOMERS AND BOOKING SHOWS!

2. TURN OBJECTIONS INTO REASONS!!! There will be lots of OBJECTIONS you will deal with! Someone is too busy, not enough friends, people don't want to come, not big enough house, etc. There is NO OBJECTION YOU WILL GET THAT YOU CANNOT TURN AROUND


Customer: "I don't think I have time! I am so busy!"
You: "I totally get it!! I feel ya girl! I know you are busy! I see that! And you know what? That's exactly why I have to do a show for you! You need a good 2 hours for YOU! No work, no kids, no stress! Just some friends, wine and cute stuff! I will do it all for you so there is nothing you have to do--its some time for you where you don't have to worry about a thing! You need it girl!"

Customer: "I don't know if i have a lot of friends that would come. I wouldn't want to do one and then on one show up and waste your time!"
You: "I totally understand but don't worry at all about that! It's a totally casual trunk show--people swing by they come when they want and leave when they want! Plus I don't care if 2 or 22 ladies come! If we don't have many it will be fun just chatting and stuff! Doesn't make a difference to me! Don't worry about that!"

Customer: "I dont have a big house at all" OR "My house is a mess"
You: "Umm so is mine so I feel ya girl! But listen ladies are not coming to go through your house-they are coming to get out of theirs! To have a drink and relax! They aren't going to care if your house is upside down or not! believe me!"
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Get out of your COMFORT ZONE!!

AMAZING THINGS HAPPEN WHEN YOU ARE OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE!!! When you reach a little farther than you think you can do or makes you comfortable--when you go a bit over a goal you had in mind--when it scares you--that's when it's RIGHT and that's when AMAZING things can happen!! So do that--get out of your comfort zone!!! CALL SOMEONE--and KEEP CALLING PEOPLE!! WHEN SOMEONE ASKS YOU SOMEWHERE ABOUT YOUR JEWELRY GIVE THEM A LOOK BOOK, CHAT WITH THEM AND GET THEIR INFO, MESSAGE THAT PERSON YOU HAVE NOT SEEN INA FEW YEARS BUT THINK SHE WOULD LOVE BEING A STYLIST--TELL A STRANGER THEY WOULD LOVE THIS--JUST DO IT--JUST DO IT!!!!! You will be so glad you did--that 20 seconds of un-comfortableness and being scared will be GONE AND AMAZING THINGS WILL HAPPEN!

Kelli DelSorbo

Senior Director and Founding Leader