FPS Volunteer

Parent Volunteers - Making an Impact

Parent Volunteers - Making an Impact

We need you. Please take a look at the various ways to volunteer at FPS. The opportunities will change throughout the year, however some are ongoing. Please email us at to let us know how you would like to help: freedomparkvolunteer@gmail.com

Deployed Spouse Club

This committee will work with the school social worker to help plan events and support sessions for those who have a deployed spouse. From homework help, to carpools, etc. We are a family. Let's support the team.

FPS Beautification Committee (Ongoing)

Help keep FPS looking great: tree/shrub maintenance, plant flowers, pick up trash, etc. We admit it. We do not have a green thumb. I mean really no shade of green what-so-ever. If this is your area, call us, call us quick.

Parent Work Room (Ongoing)

This a great resource for teachers and saves them hours of time! You can help with laminating, copying, sharpening pencils, and completing projects whenever it works for your schedule, for 30 minutes or 3 hours; once a week or once a month.

Media Center Volunteer (Ongoing)

Another flexible opportunity – volunteer whenever you can! Help students find books, check them in/out, re-shelve books, and assist with book fairs.

Care Club (Ongoing)

A fun opportunity to help with morning/afternoon carline or breakfast/lunch duty. We have many Eagles and we want them all to be safe. Intake and dismissal are very busy times. If you find yourself fussing about the craziness of this time, it probably means you are perfect to help out. Please let us know. This is one of our greatest needs.

Hospitality/Appreciation Committee (Ongoing)

Help plan appreciation events and provide food/treats for staff throughout the year, including Teacher Appreciation week in May, school dances, family events, etc.

Family Movie Nights

Assist with planning, concessions, securing volunteers, and set-up/clean-up for these fun family event held on the school lawn (weather permitting).

Dancing Machine

Help organize and create memorable school dances. Think about the possibilities. Dads dancing with daughters, mothers dancing with sons. Mr and Misses Freedom Park, and tiny PreK. Do have ideas? Let us know.

Paparazzi - Yearbook/Photo Committee

Take candid photos of school-related events and upload them to our yearbook app!

Teacher Supply Drives

Did you know teachers spend, on average, over $500 a year for supplies for their classroom. Teachers will never let their students have classroom needs that are ignored. If a child needs a backpack, extra paper, additional supplies, teachers normally just go out and get it. Let's support those who support us. Help us to plan teacher supply drives throughout the year.

School Advisory Committee

Help us to make FPS great. Let's identify our needs and the best ways to met them. We need you.

Drama and Dance Team Volunteers

We have some very talented students. Do you have a talent for choreography or drama? Let us know. This team comes highly recommended by our students.

Homework Room/ Intervention Specialist

Help us to help them. Our students come to us at various learning levels. If you would like to help work with a small group (no more than six) of students during the school day (reading, math, etc.), contact us. If you are willing to come in after school to help with homework and studying for test, let us know. We need you.

¿Hablas español?

We are interested in translating our newsletters into Spanish. Can you help?

Popcorn Fridays

We all know and love popcorn Fridays. Can you help? Let us know.