Current Juniors to take FREE ACT

ACT test will be given at STEM High School on April 19, 2016

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Mark your calendars for College and Career Ready Day - April 19, 2016

All current Juniors across the City of Akron will be taking the National ACT for free at their high school. STEM Juniors will take their ACT at STEM High School.

Frequently Asked Questions about the District Wide ACT

How do we register for this?

The District handles registration for all currently enrolled 11th graders. Their registration will be completed at school in the weeks before the test.

How much does it cost?

This ACT is free. There is no cost and, in addition, scores can be sent to up to four colleges or universities for free. Those colleges should be selected at the time of registration. There will be an additional charge to send scores to additional colleges at a later date.

Which ACT is being given?

This is the National ACT that includes Writing.

What if I signed up for another ACT already?

Students cannot take two ACT tests within 60 days of each other. If they do, both scores could be invalidated by ACT, meaning they cannot be used and any fees paid will not be refunded. If you signed up for the April 18th test, your best alternative would be to contact ACT to change your test date to a later one. This ONLY applies to 11th graders.

What if we want our learner to take another ACT after this one?

Great! Just be sure to follow the directions on the score report you receive after testing to set up an ACT account online. Once you set up the account, you or your learner can sign up for future ACT tests and have all their scores in one place. In addition, if your family meets certain income guidelines, your learner can qualify for up to two vouchers that waive the fee for the cost of the ACT (for juniors and seniors only).

My learner is a 9th/10th grader. Can they take the ACT on April 28?

No. This test is only for the current 11th grade class. Your child can take the FREE ACT offered to them when they are in the 11th grade.

My learner takes courses at UA on that day. Do they have to miss the District Wide ACT on that day?

No. College Credit Plus learners are given a letter to share with their instructors requesting that they be excused for this ACT test as it is part of their school activities. Learners should make sure this absence will fall within their instructor's attendance guidelines. Individual concerns may be brought to the school counselor.

When will the scores be back?

Traditionally, the scores will get back to the families and the school about 8 weeks after the test - around the end of May to the beginning of June.

Can this score be used to apply for College Credit Plus?

Yes. Scores will have to be sent to the institution (selected during registration) and most institution have agreed to use these scores for CCP admittance. However, be aware the deadlines for application for College Credit Plus must still be met.

UA's deadline: April 15th

Stark State's Deadline: June 1

Since scores will be back past that date, a decision on acceptance into the CCP program will be delayed. Orientation cannot be scheduled until a decision is made.