No Teacher Left Behind!


Consistent Learning For Teachers

In order to ensure that all nation-wide teachers are provided with the same learning opportunities it is a must to provide more workshops and development training. In a field that is growing and changing, our teachers must stay informed about the newest techniques and strategies. These workshops could be held twice a year for new and seasoned teachers. The workshops will focus on promoting teacher leadership, sharing strategies, and improving the quality of education. The Board could also sent teachers emails informing them of the newest educational development. This will ensure that all teachers have been exposed to information that will enrich our students education journey.

Common Practice

All teachers should have the basic common practices nation-wide. However, due to many different subjects, grade-levels, and school districts it would be very hard to have all teachers with the same exact common practices. Every school districts is different and caters to different students, therefore, what works for one school district may not work for the next. The basic common practices that all teachers should possess is excellent teaching, powerful learning, authoritative, and reliable sources.

Standard For all Teachers

To make sure that all teachers are being effective and knowledgeable teachers should be required to pass a yearly general exam. This exam content will cover all subject and teaching tools. This exam will ensure that all teachers are able to give the students the best education possible. Requiring that all teachers pass this general exam will be the basic standard for all teachers. This will produce only the best teachers for our students.

ISTE Standards For Teachers

Through workshops and professional development training, teachers are being encouraged to integrate these standards into their lessons and classrooms. Teachers are becoming more aware of the fact that they must become co-learners in their classrooms. In lesson plans, teachers are including opportunities for students to think creatively. Students are being exposed to real-world issues and being challenged to produce solutions.