Kelowna Geotour

A tour of the rocks in Kelowna.

GeoTour of kelowna

In Kelowna you can see conglomerate rock, Sedemintry Rock and Metamorphic rock. Have a fun time on this tour and thanks for looking at my flyer.

The place's on the trip.

First we went to Knox mountain we got there on a bus. We found ingenuous rock. from Knox mountain lookout we saw Mt. Boucherie, Bear Creek, and Dilworth Mt. in the middle of Okanagan lake is were the North American plate and the Pacific plate met. Next on our list is across the highway from Gorman's Mill. There we saw conglomerate rock and some coal. Then we went to Mt. Boucherie and there we found extrusive rock you can tell it is extrusive because of the air pockets in it. then we went to Layer Cake Mt. the mountain had magma on the outside of the mountain and the magma made the rocks on the mountain form into layers that we see today. Our last stop on our trip is the quary on the way to layer cake mountain. The you can see Metamorphic rocks. That concludes our trip on this geotour of the okanagan. Thank you for coming on this trip around the okanagan.
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