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Election Results, Daylight Savings and November Updates

Lots of Information About the Upcoming 2021 Season

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Election Results - PTS Executive Board Members

Happy Daylight Savings Day PTS Families!

It's election season, not only for our government, but for our own Tiger Sharks board. Several weeks ago, you voted in a new President, Secretary and Treasurer. We are excited to bring fresh ideas to our team. Thanks to all our parents who helped choose our Executive Board members for the 2021 season.

We are still looking for several volunteers to step in to fill a couple positions:

Technology Officer

Meet Director

Swim Officials

If you are interested in any of these positions or want to know what they entail, please contact Abbey Fatica at tigersharks.us@gmail.com.

And now without further ado, your 2021 Executive Board:

President: Abbey Fatica

Vice President: Amanda Orr

Past President: Sheri McClurg

Secretary: Emily VanLangen

Treasurer: Shawn VanLangen

League Representative: Jim Garrett

Meet Director:

Technology Officer:

Team Representative:

Fundraising Chair: Lisa Winters

Communications Chair: Kelly Hughes

Open Coaching Staff Positions

  • Do you know someone who is a natural leader with a strong, competitive drive?
  • Do you know someone who has a background in competitive swim that loves working with kids?
  • Do you know someone looking to lead and build up the next generation of swimmers?

The Tiger Sharks are starting our search for a 2021 Head Coach, Assistant Coaches, and Junior Coaches. Please contact tigersharks.us@gmail.com if you know someone with these qualifications who could be interested in a position for the upcoming season.

November Executive Board Meeting

Sunday, November 15th will be the next executive committee meeting from 6:30-8. We would love to have anyone join us as we start to discuss Season 2021-the BIG comeback! :)

This month, our meeting will be held at Pizza Cottage on Hill Road. We have reserved one of their party rooms so we can be socially distant. We are always looking for fresh blood (no pun intended, Tiger Sharks, haha, pandemic induced bad jokes) to volunteer ideas on how we can continue growing as a team.

For those of you wanting to participate in the meeting but would like to stay remote, we will have a zoom link available. Look for that, Sunday morning (11/15)!

A Note From The New President:

It's an honor and privilege for me to serve the Tiger Shark swimmers, staff and families for the upcoming 2021 season. Thank you to Sheri who has given some very big shoes to fill and I'm grateful she will still be around to guide our new board.

2021 will be our family's fifth year swimming with the Tiger Sharks (minus the one we didn't get to do this past summer). My husband John and I have four kids, three of whom plan on swimming during the summer. Luci is in 7th grade at Ridgeview, Jacob is in 5th grade at Diley, Eli is in 3rd grade at Sycamore Creek and Cameron is in 1st grade at Sycamore Creek.

Luci, Eli and Cam are our summer swimmers. On top of swimming for the Tiger Sharks, Eli swims during the year for the Lancaster Y Stingrays. Luci does School and Club volleyball (which keeps her busy) and my other two are involved in multiple sports throughout the year. Needless to say we have a jam packed schedule.

Even though it might seem like a lot, I'm committed to getting the Tiger Sharks ready to rock and roll for our first practice in late May 2021. My kids love swimming and I love the camaraderie of the Tiger Sharks. They have made so many friends over the years that they probably wouldn't have met if they weren't a part of the team. The coaching staff has been instrumental in allowing my son to find his love for swimming and wanting to do it year round.

I know missing an entire season was hard on everyone and yes, we are all trying to regain a sense of normalcy as we navigate this pandemic. With that being said, this is our chance to remind you that the Tiger Sharks are here for you, advocating for your swimmers.

I am looking forward to bringing back the Tiger Sharks next summer and open to any ideas on how we can make this season the best, while maintaining a safe and fun environment for our children.

Since this is my first year on the board, I'm all ears for any suggestions you might have to making this comeback season the best yet.

Abbey Fatica