Keeping our Students Safe

A conversation to have with your child

4 August 2022

Dear Parents/Caregiver

While I prefer to share highlights and successes with you, the safety of our students is paramount and I need your support with a challenge that has arisen in our community.

We work hard to educate our tamariki to make positive choices (online and face to face), and encourage them to think critically when making decisions. However, we are aware of a handful of students who have been using provocative language and arranging fights in and out of school. Consequently, I want to be clear - any aggressive physical behaviour toward another student is unacceptable and will be deemed as gross misconduct (serious misbehaviour) and dealt with accordingly; aggressive behaviour is harmful and dangerous to other students.

Please support us by having a conversation with your child about the ramifications of physical altercations and conflict resolution strategies. Our staff, including our school counsellor and senior leadership team are always on hand to support your child, and are committed to ensuring FCI is a safe place for learning.


Deputy Principal:

Deputy Principal:


Tamara Jones

Principal / Tumuaki

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