Great pleasure from big continent.

Russia Weather

Russia has various weather according to location, are and geographical. Because Russia is extensive continent. Commonly, Russia weather has colded and long winter and cool and short summer. In Siberia case, the annual range was 60'C that is the most big annual range of temperature in the world. So If you want to travel Russia, you should know weather where you visited city.


The State Hermitage Museum

The State Hermitage Museum is one of three art museums in over the world. They were used for king's palace in winter. In the museum, there are work of art about 3 million of artist who you know. If you see detailed all pieces, you may spend 5 years.

The summer palace

The summer palace was called Versailles of Russia. There are the most veautiful place in Russia. In the old day, aristocrats enjoy the vacation in there in summer. When the summer palace was built, the most famous artist in that day designed. In the palace, there are 7 park, 150 fountain and 10 buildings.


Things to do

Riding a subway

The Russia subway was called underground museum. There was decorated artistically with mural and some pieces.

The Trans-Siberian Express

The train go to Vladivostok in Asia from Moskva in Europe for 7 days. The length is the most long way and same with a quarter of the earth. This train helpful to develop the Russia because the big cities was emerge from nearby train way.

Russia Festival

Stars of the white nights festival

Star of the white nights festival was held on Saint Petersburg early in summer. Saint Petersburg was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The city was in good preservation classical beauty. The Russia's white night is very beautiful. Becuase Russia's summer remained light in the middle of the night and then the sun comes up in 3a.m.

International Ballet and Opera Festival

International Ballet and Opera Fesival was held February annually. As you know, Russia was famous ballet so the festival was in good interesting with somebody. The main ballet performance was made up of Mariinskii theatre. If held on the festival, music performance was played all of Saint Petersburg. So someone who loved music or ballet can enjoy the festival.