The Great

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MY smile can remove any girls clothes ;)

About Me

My name is Tybalt the future leader of the Capulet Family due to my aunt and uncle not producing a male figure to take the thrown in the very near future. I am a young charming man with a great hate for my enemy by the name of Montague. I will defend my future throne with my life and with my looks i can pick up anyone from tinder i will tell you a little secret i am sleeping with a female by the name of lady Capulet. shh dont tell anyone #donttell#sleeping#ILY

My friends love me because i Am awesome and they fight for me because i will be KING one day and You will want to be on my good side when i am king.

In my spare time i like to stab scarecrows dressed like the horrible montagues even sometimes throwing acid on them.


my favorite movie

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favorite book

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favorite song

Bon Jovi - Livin' On A Prayer