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“You can have unbelievable intelligence, you can have connections, you can have opportunities fall out of the sky. But in the end, hard work is the true, enduring characteristic of successful people.”

~Marsha J. Evans


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In order for this business to work for you, you must work for it. And using the example above, you must work through the numbers.

  • Create your list, make it BIG
  • Revisit your list, frequently
  • Add to your list, daily
  • Carve out 10-15 minutes here and there
  • Genuinely reach out to those people on your list
  • Plant seeds
  • Follow up

Repeat these executable actions and watch your business grow.


Happy Anniversary


Watch the TEAM ARIZA Facebook page. New incentive will be announced on the 20th. And be sure to add any new members to the page.

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January's end of the month incentive saw some MAJOR increases in PSQV. Congratulations to EVERYONE for getting after it! As a team, we added 16 new PC's.

To recap: From January 21st thru January 31st, those who posted on the TEAM ARIZA page with every $150 increase in SV, received one entry for a chance to win $100. Click the link below to find out who won!


NEWS: In 2 parts

Part 1: Prices are going up

March 1st begins the product pricing increase. Click here to view the new prices and save this to your phones for easy reference. Your customers have already recieved information about the pricing increase from corporate, however they may want to take advantage of the current pricing now, so send them a message or add an order to your magical PC.

Part 2: Convention Is Coming!

Convention offers an opportunity to to learn from your peers, grow your business and make lasting friendships. Because of the location, it's pretty much a guarantee that tickets will sell out. Start making plans now. Word on the street is that early registration for previous attendees will open up next month. That means a discounted entry fee and first dibs on hotels.

Whether you've been before or are considering going this year, I truly hope you'll do your best to attend. Save your pennies. Start checking on flights or inquiring about hotels. It is an amazing experience and one you'll want to witness first hand.


It Really Does Take Time

We all want things to happen at lightening speed! We want to lose those 5 pounds yesterday. We wish we could teleport over traffic to avoid even a 10 minute delay. And we want to see results when we choose a skincare regimen ASAP! But the truth is, it takes time. Read this great article (that my husband found!) titled, "How Long You Need to Stick with a Skin-Care Routine to Start Seeing Results." And Do share it with your Customers.

Friendly Reminders

Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin are your Friends!

This is a SOCIAL business and posting only takes a few minutes. If you're afraid to post about this business, or the products, or what is has done for your life, follow a few people within our team who do it well and learn from a pro. A few, well-thought, well-timed posts can make all the difference in the amount of "work" you do. Send a friend request to Kelly Harrington, Keyea Webster and Olivia Jeffers and watch their pages to see how they use social media to boost their business.

If you need help, just ask!

We have an abundance of resources available to us: Business Development Library, C&C Website, numerous FB pages. But if you're stuck or if there is a question that you can't find the answer to, just ask. Same goes for shout outs! If you want a little love on a post, or a public high five, the squeaky wheel gets the grease!

A great call to listen to, RIGHT NOW!

Dallas Fears, as she shares how to powerfully prospect.

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Kristen Ariza

We grow as a Team. We are all Leaders. We are all Bosses. We are all in this together.