Grade 2 Newsletter

Week 8 Summer Term Friday 5th June 2015

SJI International Elementary, Singapore

A Lasallian International School


This week most classes visited Anjali Chocolate to make their very own chocolate bar creations. The children absolutely loved being chocolatiers for the morning, mixing, shaping and adding decorations to their bars.

Did you get to taste any of your child's chocolate?

Back at school we have begun to evaluate our chocolate bars and suggest improvements and changes to add if we were to make them again.

We are nearing the end of our IPC unit and have spent some time making the chocolate wrappers that Mrs Valere has begun in Art lessons. We will continue to do this next week before carrying out an evaluation of the unit. We hope your child has enjoyed this unit of work as much as we have!



Our continuing Café Strategy for this week and next week is a comprehension one that provides the children strategies to use as they read. The strategy is Monitor and Fix Up.

This strategy will help your child identify when meaning breaks down and will give him or her the tools necessary to regain comprehension. "Good readers often stop to think about if what they are reading makes sense. They make sure they understand what is happening in the story or what the selection they are reading is about. If meaning breaks down during a story, good readers have strategies to go back and fix the problem."


In Writing Workshop, the children continued writing Fairy Tales. As we are bringing this unit of study to an end, the children are checking that they are including all elements of a fairy tale or traditional tale.


In Spelling, the children reviewed spelling words that may have been a challenge throughout the year.

Conjunctions were the focus of our Grammar lessons this week. We continue to try and use paragraphs in our writing of our fairy tale.


This week in Maths the children have been solving word problems involving volume. The children need to read the word problem correctly and decide if it is addition, subtraction, multiplication of division needed to solve the problem.

Next week the children will revise concepts from the last three units and will complete a combined topical test.


Chocolate making trip for NMa Monday 8th June.

Friday June 12th - last day of school - Grade 2 are dismissed at 12.20.


There is no homework this week.