November Update

Esther's Class


Readers are building their reading stamina and learning about the many book genres in the classroom library! We are almost finished with Charlotte's Web and we are enjoying the characters, especially Wilbur. This month readers will begin to focus on retelling. Students will learn how to retell a story in sequence. They will be expected to use the character's names, recognize the setting, and include the beginning, middle and end as they retell. First graders will be introduced to a "Story Map" and learn how to fill one in. We will also talk about recommending books and practice making recommendations to a buddy. November marks the beginning of our annual author study of Eric Carle. Eric Carle is a children's author famous for his writing and his illustrations. We will enjoy Eric Carle's many books and learn about his colorful life.

Social Studies

Our trip to the Churchville last week served as an exciting introduction to learning about the Lenape! This month we will focus on many topics that were addressed at Churchville. To foster hands on learning, we will create a mural about the traditional Lenape way of life. We will learn about traditional Lenape homes and make longhouses for our mural. We will create a garden that shows the division of labor and the kinds of food that the Lenape ate. We will also study Lenape clothing, modes of transportation and if time permits this month, currency. Though the Thanksgiving story focuses on the Wamponoag tribe, who were from the Massachusetts area, we will study this story and make connections between the Wampanoag and the Lenape.


In math this month students will continue to practice addition and subtraction facts. Each day they will have a story problem to solve, and math concepts will be reviewed in the weekly homework. First graders will be introduced to ordinal numbers, or putting numbers in order (first, second, third.. etc). They will work on counting and comparing numbers up to twenty, and grouping by tens to be an efficient problem solver. New mathematical vocabulary will be introduced like, "more than, less than, greatest and smallest." By the end of November, first graders will be introduced to geometry. They will group shapes by attribute and work with patterns.

Writing Workshop

In writing workshop, students continue to write personal narrative pieces about their lives. They are working to make their characters come to life by saying what the characters said or by saying what the characters did. First graders will continue to practice how to use "talking marks," or quotation marks. They will also learn how to describe the way a character felt or what a character thought. (We call this bringing out the inside.) Students will also be reminded to organize their thoughts in sequence by telling stories across their fingers. We continue to use mentor texts so that we can learn from great writers. This month we will look at Eric Carle's writing and notice his writer's craft.

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