September Issue

Happenings this month...

This month is all about making time for yourself! Whether that be signing up for a yoga class, participating in a 5k, making healthier food choices or keeping up with your check ups. It is time to make time for numero uno! YOU!

But HOW?!

Getting Checked Out

September is Prostate Awareness Month. Mark your calendars and relay this information to the men you know. You could be saving a life!

YMCA Zero to 5k

Want to get started but don't know how? Follow the link to YMCA. They have a whole program to get you ready for your first 5k. Don't have time for the Y? That's can download the FREE app "couch to 5k" and get started from your very own couch!

Campus Challenge

Tuesday, Sep. 22nd, 9pm

Here at Mills & your home

I CHALLENGE you to embark on this global movement with me. I acknowledge and am seeking guidance from those that already have. Challenge yourself to go MEATLESS on MONDAYS. It's only one day a week...see how it can make you a stronger and healthier human.

Use this resource below to find TONS of awesome ideas and motivations from other people that have accepted and are now living this life style.