New Jersey

The Bread Basket Colony

We are called the bread basket colony because of all the crops we grow.


The colonial history of New Jersey started after Henry Hudson sailed through Newark Bay in 1609. Hudson was British,but he worked for the Netherlands, amd he claimed the land for the Dutch. It use to be called the New Netherlands. The Dutch, Swedish, and Finns were the first European settlers here. In 1660, Bergen was New Jersey's first permanent European settlement.In 1664 the Dutch lost New Netherlands when the British took control of the land. They divided the land in half and gave control to the two founders: Sir George Carteret and Lord John Berkeley. They sold the land at low cost and allowed us (the settlers) to have religious freedom. The colony is growing more everyday and at the moment the governing power is being transferred back to England.

Our Founders

The New Jersey Colony was founded by Lord Berkeley and Sir George Carteret in 1664.

Why We Settled Here

The main reason we have settled here is for trade and profits. Our fertile soil and land is suitable for framing and agriculture.The mild climate gives us warm summers and mild winters. Having the Atlantic Ocean right next to us is a plus for exporting goods.


We export natural resources, cattle, grain, rice, indigo, wheat and much more.


In our government, you are able to elect representatives for a twelve-member council. The only requirement is that you must own property. Also, we are a royal colony.


We do not have a specific religion which gives the religious freedom for Quakers, Catholics, Lutherans, Jews and others.


Many different people settle in New Jersey including Dutch, Swedish, Quakers, Puritans, and many more. We welcome all to come and join us here to make New Jersey even more unique than it already is.