Perseverance at its Highest

By: Maddie Sampias

How Is Perseverance Defined

Perseverance is defined in so many ways. One way is that when a person perseverance they never give up even in hard times. Lauren Hill is a great example of someone who persevered through adversity. Lauren had was diagnosed with cancer and told that she didn't have a lot of time left, but that didn’t stop her from her dream of playing basketball. When her team found out the devastating news they pushed the game two weeks prior to the original game date just so Lauren would be able to play. As Lauren said “ I believe that God has the last say. And I feel like I've accomplished what i intended.” (Hill) What this means is that Lauren has done everything she can do without giving up. In conclusion this means that perseverance means to never give up even in hard times.

Describe in Detail an Adversity Someone Faced

Jackie Robinson faced many adversities.One of the things he faced was racism. Jackie wanted to play baseball but he would get bullied and threatened by everyone. in the text “Jackie Robinson’s accomplishment reached beyond the seats,” it stated “He showed exemplary character and courage as a knockout punch to racism.” (Kinsman). This shows that Jackie not only made an impact on his life, he has inspired everyone.

What is the Cause of an Adversity and how did it Affect the Person

In the article “From Rolling Dough to Rolling in Dough,” Tom’s pizza business was failing and he had to persevere through many adversities in order to succeed. When Tom realized that his business was really going bankrupt he knew that he “needed to do something.” Tom was working with a business partner who wasn't devoted to this job. Tom traded a Volkswagen for full control of the business. After that was done Tom decided to add more restaurants with the money that he still had. Not only did Tom realized that having more than one store would be more money, Tom had to work 18 hours a day just to keep things clean and moving steadily. This was time consuming and a lot of money for tom but he had to keep persevering because this was his dream. So Tom opened a franchise on April 1, 1967. This helped Tom work less hours and still keep things moving. Not long after all the steps that Tom took to keep a good business going his company became a million dollar company.

What were the Person’s Adversities and how did he/she Respond to it and/or Overcome them

In the “Sweet Smell of Success” John faced many adversities. One of the adversities that john faced was he left everything, although this sounds bad he went to do what he loved. After a few months, Johns company went bankrupt but this didn't stop him from doing what he loved. John went to universal asking them for a spot in the park to sell nuts. Unfortunately Universal didnt lke the idea and said no, so John kept begging them and sending them letters. Since John was trying to persuade universal studios to accept his offer he didn't have much time to run his business and yet again him and his business went bankrupt so his wife had to work as a full time nurse. meanwhile, John got the interview but universal still had mixed emotions and this made John realize that he had to be on his A game. In conclusion this means that John did face many adversities but managed to persevere through them.

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