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Join the flow towards self exploration and inner fulfillment

OIDA Therapy is a practical method for investigating and healing humanity’s malaise and dissatisfaction.

With the help of OIDA Therapy, people can learn how to use the healing and motivating power of faith to create individual and collective well-being.

Apply for the first online OIDA course in Europe now!

The OIDA Therapy training course provides a process of theoretical and practical training of psychology and methodology of general OIDA Therapy.

It is divided into four courses which aim to move progressively up in the complete training of an OIDA counselor or OIDA therapist.

Get a certificate for OIDA Therapist!

Students who meet the requirements of all the workshops and activities, together with the hours of attendance will receive a certificate endorsed by the Institute of Oida Therapy.

Start with the First level: Oida Volunteer

The course provides knowledge and understanding of the general aspects of OIDA therapy, through theoretical and practical study of the manual of Perennial Psychology.

The course consists of 38 hours, divided into: nine sessions of video meetings, nine hours of lesson study and work on questionnaires at home and two hours final tests.

Students who participate and complete their studies in the course Oida Volunteer will be able to:

  • Volunteer in different activities of OIDA Therapy.
  • Receive an attendance certificate awarded by the International OIDA Therapy Foundation, OIDA Therapy Institute and the University of Ancient Wisdom
  • Be recognized in the OIDA Therapy websites (www.oidaterapia.org and www.oida.bg) as volunteer in Oida Therapy.
  • Be authorized to proceed to the next level of training OIDA Therapy through OIDA Enthusiasts Course.

The training provides all theoretical and practical tools necessary to go deeper into understanding OIDA Therapy

Topics in the training:

  • Perennial psychology
  • Individual unit of consciousness
  • Perennial practice of psychology
  • Belief system
  • Faith
  • OIDA Therapy methodology. Healing Circle
  • Therapeutic tools
  • Mystical traditions

More details in the registration form!

Starting Date: 06 August 2016

Place: online meeting

Booking: early bird price: 108euro before 01. August 2016

After that: 120euro

students and seniors have discount

In individual cases, payment arrangements can be made

All materials are included in the training fee!

Registration and information:



Petia Gieva

tel. +359 884 292 446



First 20 people regestered will get the book The Mannual of OIDA Therapy FOR FREE!


Petia Gieva

OIDA Psychotherapist

Certified Therapist, explorer of the consciousness and its potential for transforming spaces into empathy and love


Expressive Art Therapy, Individual and Group Therapy, Play Therapy, Yoga Meditation, Cuentos – healing stories. Now she studies Diet and Nutrition Couch at Institute for Integrative Nutrition, NY


Sergio Puerta

OIDA Volunteer

Business manager and specialist in Project Management . Currently works as a research assistant at at an University in Germany. Already trained in the courses Oida Volunteer and Oida Enthusiastic, applying Oida therapy as a service to society and people seeking a healing process.

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