April 2016

What's Happening in PACE?

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Kindergarteners are reading two good books. The first one is Diary of a Worm by Doreen Cronin. It is a hysterical journal about the daily doings and the hidden world of a cute little elementary school worm. The second book is The Mad Scientist's Secret by Marvin Miller. It is a book filled with riddles, secret codes, and a lot of other brain-teasing puzzles to solve.

First Grade

First graders enjoyed learning Hinky Pinks this week. Hinky PInks are rhyming word games. The answer to a Hinky Pink is always two words that rhyme- and are synonyms for the clues. For example, a chunky feline is a fat cat. A silly rabbit is a funny bunny. A bug dessert is fly pie. They also continued to work on their animal research.
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Second Grade

Second graders finished their My Favorite Country project, and they will be presenting them to their classmates during our next PACE class.

Third Grade

After our Myths and Constellations discussion, third grade PACE students are demonstrating sophisticated writing skills by creating a Mythological Times newspaper.

Fourth Grade

Fourth graders are still enjoying The Sci-Fi Factor. This week, they learned about Project Blue Book, which was the United States' official attempt to investigate UFO sightings between 1948 through1969. The reports from those days suggest that the witnesses might have seen what they wanted to see, and that the investigators did the same.

Fifth Grade

In our poetry unit, we have discussed figurative language; such as, similes, metaphors, personification, and hyperbole. The students have also gained an understanding of the terms concrete and abstract. This week, they are creating a poetry notebook for their original poems.

Happy Spring!