John Lennon's Impact on the World

World Peace

Lennon is one of the most influential people in history. He always seemed to convey messages of peace, love and happiness. In the In the 1960s and 70s, Lennon was revolutionary in changing negative social values. However, the American press always found ways to put him under a white hot spotlight, a negative one, at that. It was said that Lennon's messages of peace were a threat to the American press, but in reality his goal was to introduce the world to freedom of thought. Many people tried to make him look like a bad person with a personality disorder, by twisting many of the things that he would say. Lennon's "Bed-Ins" for Peace sparked a lot of controversy amongst the world, but many people still saw him as a role model. Ultimately, Lennon was seen as a symbol of world peace. The 1971 song Imagine by Lennon, proved to be an anthem of universal hope for members of the World Socialist Movement. In this song, Lennon urged everyone to come together as one earth, without countries, war, religion, or private property. Lennon wanted us to share the world as one, the true "brotherhood of man."
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