Fifth Grade News

Issue #5


*Trip to Fralin Museum and UVA Rotunda for Writer's Eye-Sept. 24th-Please send back form on Tuesday and indicate if a packed lunch is needed.

*When in doubt, check Blackboard for assignments from each teacher (see below how to log in).

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*Ask us about our Brax Cups fundraiser-they make great gifts!
* Monthly Box Tops collections will begin, so please start saving.

*Bring a snack every day-5th Grade is peanut free!

We appreciate any donations of two liter bottles of Diet Coke and packs of Mentos for science experiments. Thank you!

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Fralin and UVA Rotunda Trip THIS WEDNESDAY! September 24th!

On Wednesday, September 24th, the fifth grade will be taking school buses to tour the Fralin Museum from 9:30-10:45, then a tour of the Rotunda at 11:00a.m. We will follow our tours with lunch on the lawn at UVA. Buses will return no later than 2p.m.

Math Corner

We will be covering prime factorization, rounding, the different properties (associative, communative, and distributive), and single and multi-step problems of multiplication and division over the next couple of weeks. Please make sure to check in with your student about any new vocabulary they may encounter. Their vocabulary is found in their binders and on BlackBoard.


Thick versus thin questions. As your students read at home, we encourage you to ask questions about the characters or subject matter of their books. We are demonstrating thick questions in class. A thick question requires a reader to look back in the story and delve deeper. A thick question requires knowledge of the characters and content. It may require some level of inference. An example would be:
Thin question: "What is the main character's name in this book?"
Thick question: "Considering how Mary felt about the argument, find a quote in the book that shows she will work out her differences with Jane."

For Genre Challenge update, see Blackboard under "Opportunities for Excellence"

Exciting Writing Challenges Ahead!

I love the challenge of a contest and will encourage your students to submit to at least one this year. I walk them through the submission process and mail out any entries.
Students will be writing to these projects in class and if there is limited Internet access at home, students are free to hand write each assignment.

We have the first of three projects beginning this week with our trip to the Fralin Museum.
1. Writer's Eye brainstorming will begin this week
Students will write to an artist's work this week after they view the collection on our trip.
They will be guided step-by-step through this process.

Our second will begin the second week in October.
2. The Mysteries of Harris Burdick: Finish the Story

That's the new, exciting theme of the 11th Bus Lines Poetry and Flash Fiction Contest!
Thirty years ago a man named Harris Burdick brought a series of pictures to a children's book publisher. He explained that he had written fourteen stories and had drawn many pictures to go with each story. He brought only one picture per story, just to see if the publisher liked his work. The publisher was impressed and wanted to see the stories as soon as possible. Harris Burdick promised to bring the stories the next day . . . but he never returned.

We've chosen three of the most intriguing pictures. Study them . . . and finish the story.

What: Winning poetry and fiction will be displayed on CAT buses and winners will read their work at a special Virginia Festival of the Book event!

Who: Everybody! Kids, grownups, students, teachers, family, friends and neighbors. Spread the word!

How: Submit up to three works of poetry (up to 10 lines) or flash fiction (up to 100 words) per person. If you submit more than one entry, you may use the same picture or different pictures as inspiration for each story or poem.

When: From now until November 28 at 5:00 p.m.

Why: Because we want to know how these stories end! Besides, it's fun and a great way to share your talent and your story with the entire city! Images can be found if you Google Mysteries of Harris Burdick

Mid to the end of October we will begin with a virtual tour of Ellis Island and research towards our third submission opportunity...
3. Daughters of the American Revolution project will begin in October.
Title: A Child's Journey Through Ellis Island

Topic: The year 2015 marks the 125th anniversary of Ellis Island as an immigration station. On a typical day, immigrants arriving on the island could expect to spend up to seven hours in processing activities intended to determine whether or not they were legally and medically fit to enter the United States. Imagine yourself as a child traveling through Ellis Island in 1892. How would you describe your experience to your cousin who has never heard of Ellis Island? Tell the story in your own words.


Mrs. G.'s Writing Desk

Students will be creating digital flyers this week with their written work towards one of these two challenges. Persuasive Language will be discussed.
Challenge 1.
What is the main water source for our local region? Imagine this water source is no longer available! How can we get water to our region? Perhaps we can build a dam or an aqueduct? Maybe we need to dig? Can desalinization work in our region? Write a story beginning with what it was like when our water source dried up and then what you did to work towards solving the problem.

Challenge 2. Bird's Eye View Hot Air Balloon Rides company moved to our region. They would like us to write a description of the kinds of things they will see from the air. Our description will be printed next to their photos in their advertising. Cover all geographical features of our region and use your persuasive language to convince people to take a hot air balloon ride here in Crozet.

From the Historical Perspective of Mrs. Agee

Students are researching the Native American tribes that are currently recognized in the state of Virginia. We are sharing documentation including citing our sources through a Blackboard discussion thread. Next week, we'll begin a review of Jamestown and colonization.

Mr. Stauffer's Science Lab

We are still discussing The Scientific Method, and how to use it correctly. We have seen many examples from Mythbusters, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and in our classroom.

We are continuing this week our class project of making Mentos Soda Fountains. The students will continue developing small scale models with straws and duct tape. The students will then test the small scale models, and determine which model will be best to build at a large scale. The students will use the scientific method to lay out a plan and set up an experiment with their large scale model.

Also, make sure to have your child study their vocabulary for that we will be having a quiz on Friday, September 26th. We will also be having a test on the Scientific Method the following Friday, October 3rd.

Still excepting any 2 liter Diet Cokes and Mentos donations. The students will also need 20 oz diet cokes for the small scale projects. Thanks again!

Mentos Geyser - Super Soda Dispenser 3000!