Hillcrest Family Newsletter

August 31st, 2021

Happy First Day! See you Tomorrow at 8:30AM!

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Traffic Changes - Please Note

We have a NEW traffic flow. Please take note of the diagram below showing the new directions that cars and busses will travel. We will be using these directions for all school days and events moving forward.


IN at the Edges and OUT in the Middle

Your best route is to enter at the water tower entrance. Then, follow the driveway along the edge of the property and find a park spot. When you are done with your task at Hillcrest, exit out the center driveway.

We are still waiting for our signage to be installed. Please take your time and limit distractions ANY time you are entering our parking lot. Everyone is learning and everyone needs a little time and patience to learn safely.

One more item, be sure to use a crosswalk to access the building or playground from the parking lot.

Drop Off Procedures

On Day 1 - EVERYONE will line up with the rest of their class on the playground. Families and busses will drop off students and they will head to the playground. Teachers will be in a visible place on the north side of the building and they will all have a sign with their name on it.

The line up spots will be for the first day only. Beginning on Day 2, students will enter the building and go directly to their classrooms.We will be teaching students to enter in the doors they will enter in starting on day 2. 4K, K, 1st and 2nd will go in Door #2 and 3rd, 4th and 5th will go in Door #3.

If your child rides a bus, there will be adults helping them get off the bus and directing them to the playground to line up with the rest of their class.

On the first day, we will have staff ready to line up at 8:25. For the rest of the year, we do not have staff on the playground so children should NOT be dropped off until 8:30AM. There is a bell that rings and you will see staff members beginning at 8:30. After the first day, students will go directly in the building to their classroom to meet their teacher.

The Drop Off/Pick Up Zone

For morning drop off, and afternoon pick up, you do have the option of using the drop off/pick up zone. This is for children who are able to exit and enter the car without help from their adult. -Students should be seated in the back seat of their vehicle and exit on the driver's side (safe side) of the vehicle.

-This zone is meant for a quick drop off so parents DO NOT leave their cars. If you would like to visit the playground with your child, please use the parking lot and crosswalk.

Pick Up Procedures

Our dismissal time is 3:40 and we stagger the release of students to make sure adults can support them all in getting to where they need to go...safely!!

Here is how this looks from inside and outside the building.

Kinder students will exit door #2 and go to the playground for parent pick up at 3:37. We do a direct hand off to adults who are picking up.

1st grade students will exit door #2 and go to the playground for parent pick up at 3:39.

Buses will be called when they arrive at door #1 at the end of the day beginning at 3:38. We have adults checking students off while they board the bus and making sure they are all wearing masks.

The bell rings at 3:40 to dismiss parent pick up students in grades 2-5. This is also the time Cool School students will go to the Cool School room.

Late Arrival

If you bring your child to school after the 8:40 bell, you will need to make sure you drop off at the office doors, door #2. They will come into the office to be checked in and we will make sure they get to their classroom.

Be sure to communicate any attendance needs through Safe Arrival. The office will follow up on students who are marked absent by their teacher with phone calls beginning at 9:00 for any family we haven't heard from.

Staffing Update - 4K

We are excited to announce that Nicole Grisar, 4K teacher, is joining our Hillcrest staff! We are so fortunate to have Mrs. Grisar's talent and care joining our Hillcrest family!

Air Purifiers

Teachers have had families inquire about purchasing air purifiers for classrooms. We have very generous and thoughtful families and I want to let everyone know that we are working on a plan with families and the PTO to get air purifiers into all classrooms. More details will be coming soon and you will have the opportunity to support this work if you are interested.

Masks in School

Masks are optional for students and staff to wear this school year. Our school board voted in the spring to make mask wearing a personal decision for each family. We know that the topic of masks comes up in so many conversations in our community and we have a couple requests to help us support everyone at Hillcrest.

* Please talk to your child about what your decision is as a family for wearing a mask. At school, we will work to honor what you choose. This includes giving reminders to your child if you have asked them to wear a mask at school. You can communicate directly to your child's teacher if you have concerns that your child needs support in following your instructions during the school day.

* Please talk to your child about how other families may choose something different. Kids are curious and they communicate with each other in pretty direct ways. Your child's prompting to another child ("you don't have to wear a mask") or questioning ("why are you wearing a mask?") are not topics another child will need to address to anyone. Coaching your child to respect everyone's option, means treating the decision as a private matter.

* Please let your child know that we will take masks breaks throughout the day and outside time is a great time to get fresh air. During the class recess time and lunch recess time, most students take their masks off. This may be uncomfortable to your child and they may want to leave it on. Previewing your expectations with your child and sharing them with your child's teacher will help ease anxiety in these transitions.

Teachers take every opportunity to open windows to keep the air moving. We also use our outdoor classroom space and grassy areas for classroom activities. The sun works in our favor for disinfecting these spaces and learning outside is extra fun!

Meal Program -School Lunch - Update from Board Meeting

The School Board has voted to opt into the federal school lunch for all program. All students are now eligible to receive a free school lunch everyday at school. There is nothing you need to do for your child to select these lunches, just communicate with your child about their lunch each day so they know if they are eating a school lunch or a lunch from home.

Lunch menus are being updated by Aramark and they will post them on the district website once they have adjusted the meal choices.

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