13 Colonies News

England's Coin Purse by Derek Plum

On October the 9th the English passed the Navigation Act. A tobacco salesman had this to say. “Everything was going all good until The English passed The Navigation Acts. My family hasn't made as much money because of it. We have to ship it on English ships which is way more expensive than shipping it ourselves. I don't understand why we can't sell it to who ever we want. It’s pretty clear that Great Britain doesn’t care about us they just want our money. I think they should at least let us ship it our own way.”

Paper Trail$ by Romello Smith

I found out how money was made in the New England Colonies ,the Middle Colonies and the Southern Colonies. In the New England Colonies, the soil was rocky and thin. Since it was not a good place to farm, most people were shipbuilders or fisherman. These were the main industries in the New England Colonies.

Industries in the Middle colonies was a little different. The soil was a little better than that of the New England Colonies. There industries consisted of lumbering and flower making. One large and profitable iron mill had employed hundreds of workers .

The Southern Colonies had very rich soil and had many plantations. Their main industries were rice and tobacco.

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Religious Movement by Dylan Darnell

Not all American ministers were swept up by the Age of Reason. In the 1730s, I was 15 and a religious revival swept through the British American colonies. That stubborn man Jonathan Edwards, the Yale minister who refused to convert to the Church of England, became concerned that New Engenders were becoming far too concerned with worldly matters. I just wish they left it the way it was.

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Cultured of the People by Cahnce Parks

In the colonies they didn't have all of the high tech gadgets we have today. People had to use candles and the sun for light. They used things like looms and knitted their cloths and other fabric.

Life wasn’t easy anyone who could walk was helping either with chores, cooking, farming etc.

After chores they would eat things like fish bread

vegetables fruit and meat if they had it.
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