by: Savannah Hollaman

EcoTop Counter

EcoTop uses renewable bamboo fibers, post-recycled paper and all water based resin glue. By using only things recycled it is friendly to the environment. I would use this product for sure. It is impossible to stain and it has a fifteen year warranty, It is also LEED certified. $35 per. sq./ft.
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Sink Aerator

This product limits the amount of water that comes out of the faucet. It combines water and surrounding air to control the flow reducing the waste of water by splashing. It is made by only using recycled metals. I would use this only $4.05 for one.
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Brita Water filtration

Brita uses a filtration system to take harmful chemicals out of tap water. It is green because is made of recycled water bottles and it reduces the amount of bottles used to reduce pollution caused. One Brita water filtration=300 bottles saved. Each brita pitcher is around $30. I would use this product.Brita also makes water bottles, faucet systems, and dispensers.
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