The Cash Chronicle

Week of May 9th

Our Week At A Glance

Writing- Cursive handwriting/ We are publishing our informational writing.

Reading-We are finishing up our reading for research unit.

Math- We are doing a project that involves finding area and perimeter of polygons.

Science-We are beginning our new unit on plant and animal adaptations. This week, we will begin soaking seeds in our classroom to watch the germination process up close.

Social Studies-We are learning about the Civil War.


Monday- read at least 20 mins. (record on reading log)

Tuesday- read at least 20 mins. (record on reading log)

Wednesday-read at least 20 mins. (record on reading log)

Thursday-read at least 20 mins. (record on reading log)

Friday-Have a great weekend!

Reminders and Dates

Our Related Arts Schedule:

Monday- Computer

Tuesday- PE *Every Tuesday, please make sure your children wear tennis shoes/appropriate clothing to run around and play in.

Wednesday- Music

Thursday- Art

Friday- Clubs

ipads- Please continue to make sure that students charge their iPads every night, and place them back in their backpacks for the following day. This is a great opportunity to teach responsibility. Thanks again for your help with this! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me.

Green Folders- Please send the green folder back to to school each day so we can put any important papers in them to send home.

Box Tops- Please send in any box tops you may have! Place them in a ziploc bag or envelope with your child's name, "Mrs. Cash", and 3rd grade written on it. This is an easy way to raise money for our school!

Reading Logs- Students are recording their reading on an electronic reading log called Biblionasium. This is an incredible resource where students are able to see what each other is reading as well! If you do not have internet, students are encouraged to continue logging their reading on paper and then they will record it on Biblionasium the following day, at school.

Muliplication/Division Facts- Repeat Repeat Repeat. The best way for students to learn their fast facts is repetition. Quiz them with random facts in the car or before they go to bed. Students are now familiar with facts 0-12. The flashcard app and charades app is also an excellent resource. We have been a multiplication game called Multiplication Showdown with other third grade classes. Our class is currently in the lead! Students are really enjoying this friendly competition.

Watch D.O.G.S.-This is a great program for our dad's to be more involved in our school and the lives of your children! Please contact Jane Mann at if interested. Starting Monday, our school will have an opportunity to raise money through Giftcards, magazines, etc. can be purchased online all year long, and a percentage of the proceeds goes back to Spearman! See your child's green folder for more details.

Library Books-All library books need to be turned in this week.

CANS PLEASE!-Please send in ANY empty tin cans you may have. I am working on a little surprise for the kids for end of the year awards. :)

Papers in Green folders-Parents, there are a few important papers in students' green folders tonight. One is the Mother/Son Night sign up form, and another is the Barnes and Noble reading pamphlet. Students are encouraged to fill out that form to get a free book from Barnes and Noble before they leave for the summer! There is also a flyer to complete to receive a free energy saving kit. The Winshape Camps flyer is also in there. If you are making summer plans, I would highly encourage students to attend this camp!

Book Fair-Our class will be attending the Book Fair next Monday, May 16th. Please send students with money next Monday in order for them to purchase items from the Book Fair.

Friday, May 13th-Duke Energy Show in gym @1:45

Monday, May 16th-our class will go to the Book Fair

Thursday, May 19th-Mother/Son event called Critter Keeper

Wednesday, June 1st @8:15am-3rd Grade Awards in the classroom