TLHub Newsletter

January 2016 Edition

Happy New Year!

We hope that 2016 is a year full of energy and innovation in our teaching, learning and assessment so that our students have fun and make excellent progress.

This month's edition includes:

  • Tutorial resources on mental health and health and well-being
  • Resources to either calm or energise your students at the start of a lesson
  • Action research projects
  • Planned learning walks
  • TeachMeet invitation

Sharing Resources

Energisers and Calmers

Groups of learners need a clear start to their lessons to indicate the start of the learning process and to ensure that they are 'tuned in'. This sometimes needs to take the form of an energising activity (first thing in the morning...straight after lunch...) or alternatively an activity that calms learners and allows them to focus on the lesson. We have resources for each!

Click on THIS link which will take you to the Teaching and Learning Hub on CityBit - at the top of the page you will find two presentations that contain lots of ideas and activities that you can use straight away.


We are going to be developing resource kits around certain themes that can be given to teachers to use in the classroom/RWE. The first one we are currently developing is around Promoting British Values. These packs will contain resources that you can use straight away with learners so that your teaching will be explicitly promoting these values. They will be available to you by the end of January.

Results of the Developmental Observation Survey

Thank you to all of you who completed the survey on how you felt about the developmental observations last term. Here are the results:

  • 68.2% of you said you liked being observed without a grade, but 31.8% of you said that you prefered being graded.
  • 100% of you said that you felt that the developmental observation was as important as a graded observation.
  • The feedback you received was useful and you generally felt that it was more informative because there was no grade to discuss.
  • Only 27.3% of you said that you had visited the Teaching and Learning Hub (in the library) as a drop-in. When asked why you had not attended, nearly all of you felt that you didn't have the time, mainly due to the administrative functions of your role. We are looking into this further...

Tutorial Resources: Health and Well-being

The Foundation Learning Team have put together an excellent bank of resources that you can use in tutorials with your learners. Follow THIS link to the TLHub page on CityBit and look down the page for 'Spring Term 1' to find the zipped file containing the resources.

The pack includes:

  • STI matching game (cards)
  • STI true or false game
  • Love bites: presentation and range of resources which also develop literacy skills through reading and comprehension, writing sentences and true and false speaking and listening quiz.
  • Body image lesson plan, presentation and quiz

Themed Learning Walk ; Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare/ Employabilty

Monday, Jan. 11th, 8:30pm to Friday, Jan. 15th, 4:30pm

Southampton, United Kingdom

Southampton, England

Our themed learning walk for January will explore how well we focus on the personal development of our learners, as well as looking at their behaviour in lessons and around the campus. We will also be looking for good examples of the development of the employability skills of our learners.

GRADED observations

We now move into the part of the academic year where we will be observing teachers with a grade. The rationale for the year was to observe everyone developmentally in the first term so that we could support all teachers to deliver effective TLA through coaching. This will hopefully mean that we see more good or outstanding TLA during this round of graded observations.

The team of TLC's (coaches) are available to you to help with any aspect of TLA that you seek support with and can be found in the TLHub at the times listed on the flyer below. Please do pop in or email one of us with any query you might have - we really hope that you have a successful observation where the feedback leaves you confident and positive about your teaching practice.


All teachers like to experiment with new ideas and techniques in order to make learning effective for their students. Such experimentation can be reflected upon in terms of judging whether or not it worked and it can also be shared with colleagues so that we all learn from one another. This is what we mean by an 'action research project'.

There are some key projects we are interested in this year: how can LSA's and teachers work most effectively together for the benefit of their students? If you film yourself teaching a lesson, what do you see? But we are really keen for any teacher who is just trying something new - being innovative - to let Hayley Ryan know so that all the evidence of our innovation can be collected and shared with one another. Look forward to hearing from you!

TeachMeet at King Edwards School, Southampton

Thursday, March 17th, 4:30pm

King Edward VI School, Southampton, United Kingdom

Have you heard of a TeachMeet? It is a FREE event set up where teachers from a local area (and from secondary and sixth form/FE) get together to share ideas and resources. They are fun, inspiring and you also have the chance to win lots of free stuff from the companies who sponsor the event! The next one in Southampton is at King Edwards School (opposite Southampton Common) on Thursday 17th March at 4.30. Full details of the event are HERE. All you need to do is sign up, for free and turn up for free goodies and lots of new teaching ideas!


On the PlanAhead you may have noticed that there is a Cultural Celebration Day planned for March 8th. This event will be held on the ground floor of the Hub and there will be a programme of events running throughout the day that we hope students will be involved with. This will include poetry, drumming workshops and other performances. The aim of the day is to celebrate the rich cultural diversity of our staff, students and our local community. Please keep an eye on emails as you will soon be sent further details of how you and your students might like to be involved ...

We hope that this newsletter gives you lots of useful ideas and resources for your own practice.