Logan Brader

what kinds of African traditions have influenced Brazilians? Why?

Cuisine,music, dance, and religion. African people were enslaved and brought to Brazil and after slavery was ended some African people stayed in Brazil.
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What river is in Brazil, how long is it, where does it empty into, and how was it formed?

The Amazon River. It is 4,163 miles long. It empties into the Atlantic Ocean. It was formed when the south America plate collided with the Nazca plate, the impact formed the Andes mountains in Peru. The mountain range blocked the mouth of the Amazon River causing a huge lake to form so the continent began to tilt, this caused the lake to burst through its stony barriers. Causing it to form the Amazon Basin, and creating the Amazon River.
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There are many favelas in Brazil. Explain what a favela is, how much of Brazil's population live here and why?

A favela is a slum area in Brazil. About 1/5 of Brazilians live in favelas. Brazilian people live here because they live in poverty and have no choice or they are born into it.
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Describe an important time/event in Brazils history. Why did it happen or what was the goal.

In 1932 a rebellion in Sao Paulo lead to a civil war. The revolutions main goal was to press the provisional government headed by Getulio Vargas to abide by a new constitution, since the elected president Prestes was kept from taking office.
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