How to do Fine in English Nine

A review of Mrs. Allen's class


I'm Brandel Cwynar and I have done fine in English nine. I really enjoyed this English class. Mrs. Allen is a great teacher and extremely helpful. She is very motivational and very willing to help her students. I know at first 9th grade might seem so different and challenging, but don't panic, don't give up. Before you know it you will be going to tenth grade. All the ninth grade teachers are caring people, they will help you. Just pay attention and do your best.


In English this year you will complete many skill building activities. For example, you will read books, write poems, and do many cool computer projects.

Short Stories

At the start of the year you will read many short stories. All the stories are interesting and each one has a unique plot so that each student can find one which they really enjoy. For instances, you will read a story about two poor people who don't have any money but are still willing to do anything to get a gift for each other. You also read one about a young boy who faces many problems. The story is written from his brothers perspective and tells a sad tale. Another one you read is about a hunter who is stuck on an island with a crazy man who tries to kill him. In total, you will read a variety of interesting short stories.


In English nine you will read the book Monster, by Walter Dean Myers as a class. Monster is a great book for anyone interested in law and court. Also for someone who likes filming and movie making. It tells the story of Steve Harmon trial. So is Steve guilty? Read to find out.

Reading Groups

Another great reading activity is the group books. You read a book by yourself, but a small group of your classmates read the book as well. You discuss as a group about the books. You also do many fun projects with the group.


In the poetry unit you will read, write, and study poems. Poetry can be tough, but Mrs. Allen is very helpful and soon you will understand poetry very well. I actually thought the unit was very cool. Poems are a great way to express ideas.

Independent Reading

Independent reading was tough for me, I'm not really a good reader. Luck fully, you can pick almost any book you want. It's nice, especially for readers. For those who don't read, pick a book that sounds good, maybe you will like it.


There wasn't one thing I liked about the class. I like a lot of things. I don't have a favorite, but there is a lot of fun, and skill building activities. I liked reading the books as a class, and learning more about the stories. The short stories were cool. I like the poetry unit as well.

Not So Favez'

In English 9 you will do a lot of projects. You will do so many projects at once. You must pay attention and keep focused,you will be okay. Just keep on task and organized.


Like I said, stay on task and organized. Do your homework and read your books. I hear so many people say things like "I'm barely started with my book" the day before book talks. Keep your binder organized, or you will have a big, unnecessary project before the binder checks. Most importantly, keep a positive attitude.

TOP 5: best songs played in 1st Period

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1- What's Up

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-Brandel Cwynar