Christmas time writer

Kohl Kratz

The Christmas writer

This story is about the life of Charles Dickens. Charles Dickens lived to be 58 years old. He had 10 children. There names were, Kate, Henry, Alfred, Charles jr, Ed, Dora, Francis, Walter, Mary and Sydney. He was only in 2 serious relationships. Catherine and Mariah.

Slavery and child labor

In the Victorian era there was still a lot of child labor and slavery going on. Kids were often required to work on a farm or get a job that involves physical labor. Slavery was still very common in the Victorian era. African Americans were treated very poorly and worked very hard.

Queen Victoria

There was also a very famous queen that lived in this era which whose name is actually the name of the era. Queen Victoria. She also died in this era which was why it was named the Victorian era.


Charles was never actually married to anyone. he had 10 kids with Catherine but were never married. She was very over weight and Charles did not like that. They did not stay together forever. Charles was losing feelings for her and finally ended it.

Failure and success

Charles Dickens loved writing books, but not every book he wrote got published. He went through many books in order to find a few of the right ones. One of the most famous ones was Sketches by Boz. This was his most famous books. 40,000 copies were sold on the public. The book was about peoples every day lives and was a very good book. It helped people understand what life is about.

Major war

There was one major war in the Victorian era. The British war. This was a very bloody and terrible war. Many people died. Most of the wars back then ended in bloody and a lot of people died.

Charles Dickens Jr.

Charles had a boy that he named Charles Dickens Jr. He was very close to him and talked to him a lot.