Night of the Twisters

Book By: Ivy Ruckman Flyer By: Dalamar Read

Problem and Solution

Problem: Dan, Ryan, Arthur got stuck in the basement of Dan`s house.

Solution: Dan handed Ryan to Arthur and climbed up after Arthur.


The setting is Grand Island, Nebraska. The capitol of Nebraska is Lincoln. Nebraska is called the Cornhusker State. One of the major rivers in the book is The Platte River.

Main Characters


In chapter 1 Dan and Arthur were at the Platte river and coming home and dad went to the farm. In chapter 2-3 they went to home, the Darlington`s, and Mrs. Smiley`s house. In chapter 4-6 they were at home and trying to find Linda Hatch (Dan`s mom) with Stacey after she found them. In chapter 7 they found Linda and helped Mrs. Smiley get out of her house. In chapter 8 they went to the armory with Officer Kelly when another tornado hit them. Kelly was blinded so Dan had to drive the cop car. In chapter 9 Kelly was taken away and Dan, Arthur, and Stacey went to a "jail". In chapter 10 Dan escapes the policewoman and goes to K-Mart to find it`s a Civil Defense Headquarters. Dan goes to his house and finds his mom, his dad, and Ryan looking for Dan. In the last but not least chapter 11 81 year old Mrs. Smiley died just before the neighborhood celebration of the twisters.