Survival Guide for Mojave Desert

Eddy Toussom

Crash land

My plane crashed in America in the Mojave Desert it is extremely hot in the morning and below freezing. Day:100-120 Night:-2 to -15 degrees

4 steps you need to survive

I was wherein all black because I knew we were flying over the desert. Before I was on the plane I made sure I had my native map that the Indians used to mark where water was. but it got burned up. So I had to find cactus to get water out of. Then I build a shelter this is what I build kind of. I had to sacrafice some water to make the sand stick together a little more.
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you can kill scorpions for food. You could also kill coyotes and rabbits for meat and their skin. But becarful they can kill you, make sure you have a weapon to kill the coyote.
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Plants that can help you survive

You can get water from cactus. You can also eat berries but watch out they can be poisonous. you can use dry moss or something to start a fire.
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