Unit 8 Vocab

Mariessa Aleman p.6

John F. Kennedy

The President of the U.S. during the time of the Civil Rights movement who won his presidency due to his good looks during a televised debate. Before he was assassinated JFK was able to put the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to be brought into the world which would end segregation and give African Americans their equality.

Richard Nixon

He was the opponent of JFK while he was running for President. He lost the election due to never showing his face during campaigns and not speaking well on T.V.

Lyndon B Johnson

He became president after JFK was killed. He is the person who passed the Civil Rights Act of 1957 which protected the rights of African Americans to vote.

Nikita Krushchev

He was the leader of the Soviet Union during the time of the Bay of Pigs. He believed that taking over Latin America would be easy and he also called for the Berlin Wall to be built which separated west Berlin from East Berlin.

Peace Corp

This is a program that aided developing countries such as Asia. During the Cold War the Peace Corps tried to spread democracy around the world and also the beliefs that the U.S. had.

Job Corp

This was a program that taught people ages 16-24 skills they would need to use in the workforce for jobs other than the usual. This caused for going to college not being required because people could now go to the job corps and be trained in culinary and other fields that didn't require a college degree.

Bay of Pigs

This was the failed attempt,by America, to invade Cuba with trained Cuban exiles.This failed invasion led Khrushchev to believe that it would be easy to expand into Latin America.

Cuban Missile Crisis

This was the event in which America had discovered the missiles the Khrushchev had placed in Cuba and JFK had decided that they were way too close to the U.S. This caused for America to put a blockade so the the Soviets could place no more and was also the closest the world has ever come to nuclear war.

Berlin Wall

This was a concrete barrier put up by Khrushchev that divided East and West Berlin from each other. This prevented people from escaping the Communist East Berlin because if they tried to, the would be killed.

Warren Court

This was the court that defended human rights and made several electoral reforms during its time. This court was important because it created the 6th amendment which ensured that all would have a lawyer even if they couldn't afford one and it also ended segregation in schools.

Miranda Rights

This is the amendment created by the Warren court in which officers have to say a statement stating a persons rights before they arrest and interrogate them. This is the 5th amendment that came about because of the Miranda vs. Arizona case.

Great Society

The Great Society was what Johnson declared as liberty for all and a society in which no racial injustice or poverty exists. Johnson's determination to have a Great Society caused for many programs to come about such as the Department of Housing and Urban Development and many others which tried to end pollution, poverty and fix other things.


This is a program that gives medical insurance to people who are over 65 or who have a disability. This program allowed for elderly people to get the medical attention they needed because they now had insurance that would help them cover some of the cost.


This program gave health insurance to poor families who were in need of it. The program allows for poor families to go to the doctor more often because they have insurance that covers most of the cost.


This is a program that explores space travel for the U.S. and often sends people into space. This program came about due to us being behind in space travel during the Cold War and also because the Soviets were winning us in the space race.

Immigration Act 1965

This was the Act that got rid of the previously established quota for immigration and made a new one.This act allowed for immigrant families to be reunited with their loved ones and brought more labor to the U.S.

Title IX

This was the law that prohibited discrimination based on sex. This law allowed for women to stop being discriminated against in education and other things because it was now illegal for people to do that so they were allowed more opportunities.

Martin L King Jr

He was a pastor who fought for the equality and rights of African Americans and minorities. He led the Civil Rights movement and called for peaceful protests such as boycotts and sit-ins which led to major reforms such as the end to segregation in America.

Thurgood Marshall

He was the head lawyer for the NAACP during the Civil Rights Movement. He fought for the end of racial injustice in the courts and took on the cases that the Civil Rights Leaders believed would make a big impact in their movement.

Malcolm X

He was part of the Black Panthers during the Civil Rights Movement and believed in "any means necessary." He believed that instead of using peace tactics to get equality that African Americans should use violence and he also believed in separatism.

James Farmer

He was the co-founder of the Committee of Racial Equality. His foundation fought to end racial segregation and participated in sit-ins that desegregated races.

Montgomery Bus Boycotts

These were started after Rosa Parks was arrested for not giving up her seat on the bus. These boycotts cost the buses a lot of money and eventually led to desegregation on buses because African Americans refused to use the buses.

Little Rock 9

A group of 9 African American students who decided to go to Central High School to try and end segregation there. When the students got there they were greeted by an angry mob of their fellow students and 1,000 soldiers were called in to protect the students for the rest of the year.

Brown vs Board of Education

This case was taken to court because an African American girl was prohibited from going to a white school in Topeka, Kansas. This case deemed segregation in schools as unconstitutional because it violated the 14th amendment and declared that separate but equal is not really equal.

24th Amendment

The 24th amendment was put in place due to poll tax because African Americans were being prohibited from voting. This amendment prohibited poll taxes from being placed on elections which in return enabled African Americans to vote more freely.

Civil Rights Act 1964

This act was brought into light before JFK was assassinated because Martin Luther King Jr. started protesting in Alabama which caused for violence. This Act ended prohibited discrimination in the U.S. and also segregation in public places.

UC vs Bakke

This was the case in which a white college student was denied admission into a medical program due to the limits on how many white students and minorities had to be included into said programs. He won the case and it was decided that it was wrong to set aside places for minorities within programs because then people who were more qualified for the position were denied it.

Feminine Mystique

The feminine mystique was a book that caused for women to start another wave of feminism to begin. The effect of this was that women started to stray from being the typical housewife that was so common in the 1950s.

United Farm Workers

This was an organization which fought for farm workers rights. During the Huelga movement this organization helped spread the word about the protests taking place and also what people could do to support the movement such as refusing to work and protesting outside the fields.

Cesar Chavez

He was the leader of the Huelga movement which fought for the rights of farm workers because they were being treated so poorly by their bosses. With his nonviolent protests and boycotts he was able to give the workers the rights they deserved because he made their bosses lose millions of dollars due to having people boycott their products.

American Indian Movement

This was a movement that fought for the rights of Native Americans that was stated in their treaties.This movement allowed for Native Americans to get their rights back that were stated in their treaties and protected the rights of Native Americans.

Stonewall Inn Riots

These riots were based off of the oppression being faced by the LGBT community which stemmed off of a group of males being harassed by police officers at the Stonewall Inn. The effect this had was that from this many advocates of LGBT rights came about and it was realized and shown how they were being oppressed.