Nature and impact on our globalized and interconnected world

Sara Neild; Period E

Example of Globalization

In this article you will learn about globalization and how it made Hollister a household name and one of their very popular winter jackets was made in Indonesia through globalization. Globalization is affecting house brand names and you will learn more about this throughout the following article. Globalization also allows products to be made in one country and worn all over the world!

What is Globalization?

Globalization is the process in which cultures, technology, economic, and environmental ideas are traded and spread globally affecting millions of lives and their communities. Ideas, products, trends, and governments are spread through our interconnected world because of the idea of globalization.

Types of Globalization

Globalization can be broken down into four categories and they are explained in the following four paragraphs.


Culture Globalization- how culture traits such as tastes, fashions, and trends create a culture change in the world. Technology also helps us keep up with events with social media.

Problem: Hollister is a large company, and many students wear their clothing, but it's become a way to stereotype people. Their clothing has become part of our culture, and if a student doesn't wear their clothing, they can be picked on for it.

Solution: If we lower the price of Hollister clothing, more people can afford their clothing, and it will help lower the amount of students getting picked on for their clothing.

Cultural Globalization

The following link shows how through globalization, all cultures will blend into one.


Technology Globalization- how technology impacts our life with ever growing inventions to help us stay more updated in the world. E-mail, facebook, texting, and the internet as a whole has been the greatest technology to keep the world interconnected and therefore globalized. Technology globalization also includes greater improvements in health and education.

Problem: Technology has made it possible to create fabrics in factories and labs, which hurts our environment.

Solution: In order to save our environment, we should create a way to make an environment friendly lab to create fabrics. We could also try and create a fabric using less chemicals to even better the environment. Using the technology we have, we should be able to use this solution to better our technology and better the environment.


Economic Globalization- how the growth of large incorporations make it so that products we use everyday can be made around the world by the larger companies that are found around the world. We can even use the internet to create businesses that sell items online only and ship the products to your doorstep.

Problem: Hollister is a large company that sells their clothing for very high prices. This way Hollister has more money to pay their employees, but their high prices make it hard for everyday people to afford Hollister's clothing for their children, and kids want the Hollister logo on the clothing, because it's what everyone else has, and the kids want to fit in too.

Economic Globalization

The following link shows how globalization affects the world's economy, and how businesses can affect globalization.


Environmental Globalization- how countries with concern for the environment try to come up with solutions to make the world a greener place.

Problem: Theses all-weather jackets are 100% nylon, and nylon is a chemical that is made in factories. All of the pollution from the factories is hurting the environment.

Solution: If the jackets are made using a combination of nylon and other fabrics there will be less nylon made in factories and therefore help the environment.

Indonesia Maps

These maps of Indonesia show how the different types of transportation, population, economic areas, and where natural resources are affect the way Indonesia acts as a part of globalization.

Natural Resource Map

This map shows that there is a lot of forests in Indonesia. The forest could make a large business for Indonesia as wood is a needed natural resource.

Population Map

This map shows that not many people live in the forest on the island Kalimantan. Java is the most populated island which is also the most developed island.

Transportation Map

This map shows that the most amount of roads is near the most populated areas. The giant forest in Kalimantan has no roads that can be seen.

Economic Activity Map

This map shows that major natural resources used and sold from Indonesia are rubber, rice, forest, coffee, nickel, tin, and coal.

Product from Start to End

Although the all weather jacket states it is made in Indonesia, we can conclude that its materials came from all over the world because Hollister is a very large brand and has manufactures in many other countries including China, Peru, Cambodia, Vietnam, and India. It is a jacket 100% nylon which is a chemical made at a manufacturing building, factory, or lab. China is the biggest producer of nylon, and could very well be where the nylon was from. The nylon was then shipped to Indonesia where they jacket was assembled. The large mass of jackets were then put into a container and shipped across the world to be sold in Hollister retail stores.
About Nylon Fabric

These jackets are 100% nylon and made in factories all over the world.

Major Producers of Nylon

The Hollister jackets are made in labs, and the following link shows major nylon producers.


When studying globalization, it is easy to see everything is affected by it. You might think "Oh well a tree can't possibly be affected" but in reality, it can. Hundreds of thousands of trees are cut down and made into flooring, vanities, cabinets, instruments, tables, and many other items you could see just looking around your house. Natural resources are affected majorly by globalization. Globalization is what allows countries with certain natural resources to make money by selling them to companies.

Pros and Cons


~Allows countries to get what natural resources they don't have from other countries.

~Makes it easier for technology to advance more quickly with the help from other countries.

~Allows for quick and cheap transportation.

~Helps keep prices low because of cheap manufacturing.

~Allows ideas and products to be shared more easily and have cultural products in every part of the world


~Creates poor work conditions because owners want the money to themselves.

~Allows for large corporations to control the culture of countries by what they produce.

~Makes it difficult for small businesses to survive as the large companies have the money and the customers.

~If one country's economy goes bankrupt, it will cause a world wide depression, as most countries are interdependent and rely on other country's services.

Globalization and Me

Globalization affects the way I live, what I wear, and the people around me. Globalization affects the way I live because we live in the United States of America and it is a democratic republic government, which was the idea of John Locke and without globalization, his idea would not have traveled fast, we our country could be completely different . Globalization also affects what I wear because although the cotton in my clothing would most likely be from the USA, it was not entirely made here. The USA exported its goods to be made for a cheaper price in another country. The people around me are the product of globalization because most of Americans have heritages from multiple cultures and the group of people would not have gotten here without globalization. My uncle's mother came from South Korea when she was only in her twenties with her two children to come to America for a better life. If globalization didn't make it so easy and cheap to travel, she might not have made it here with my uncle, and that part of my family would be completely different.