PT Primary Points to Ponder

February 25-29 "The Greatest School on Earth!"

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Sunshine Money Expenditures, Deposits & Outstanding Dues

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Morning Greeting!

Are you present fully for your students each morning at the door? Your smile and your undivided attention to each student is important to each child's day! As spring approaches, please make sure you keep this time sacred.
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VOTE for Teacher of the Year by Wednesday!

Literacy Library...please help!

The literacy library is completely run by teachers. This means that teachers check out, check in and shelve any guided reading books and big books from that room.

Dr. Seuss Week

You may wear jeans if you dress up.

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If you need Air Server to project Ipads, please put in a tech request for your laptop.

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Independence in Reading!!!

Remember at this time of the year that we are really trying to build independence in the use of reading strategies for our students. They need to know how to "attack" a word that is unknown to them. It is so much easier for us to tell them the word and typically takes less time, but our goal is to turn out independent readers on any level. We can create holes for even our higher level readers if they do not have strong decoding skills. Help build confidence for all students in their reading by making sure that they

1-understand how to use each of the strategies,

2-understand when to use each of the strategies and

3-automatically go to the strategies when they are stuck.