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February 2019 Issue 15

The meaning of Innovation

Education is filled with every changing buzz words that will lead to the next "big thing". Yet some of those buzz words tend to stick around and get anchored in over time. One such word making a big resurface is INNOVATION! Innovation has been in action since man created fire, it's nothing why is it resurfacing? Education is in the midst of a change and innovative ideas are at the very heart of change. Although a tad late (in my opinion) education is working its way out of the first industrial revolution and starting to join the fourth industrial revolution.

Defined innovation means the action or process of innovating. Which we can think of as the creation of a new method, idea, product etc. Innovation or being innovative is a skill. A skill that must be developed like a muscle. Which all well and good if we know what training that muscle looks like...

Simply put innovation or being more innovative boils down to trying something new! innovation contains the root word "NOV" which mean NEW. To be innovative we need to try new things, tackle new approaches, and seek new avenues for delivering an education to our students. So keep taking those small innovative steps, trying new things, reflecting and trying again. Your continued learning will foster your students learning!

As you plan for the upcoming semester, please keep the integration and collaboration projects coming my way. I'm here to help any way I can!

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