the active united state army, which is made up of the officers and the enlisted men and women who are on active duty, is one of the three parts of total army.
The army's responsibilites are divided among its major commands.
night vision goggles helps the soliders see at night.

each special force can speak can speak diffrent languages.

the army practices everyday.

the army daily routine is eat, exercise, practice..

the regular army has at least 135,000 soldiers.

at the start there are 60,000 men.

the army has all types of guns.

the army national gaurd is the oldest military force in the united states.

the army national guard is both a federal land and a states military force.

the u.s. army trains everyday.

the u.s. army wears bulletproof vest be force they go to war

the army drives boats and also drive helicopters.

the u.s. army has to jump out of helicopters.

the army reverse troop in the constitional united states military force. army learns how to shoot guns and work on them...

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