Don't Restrict Sugary Drinks!!!!!

The Government can't do that... Can They?????

They Can't!!!!... Can They???

I think the government should NOT restrict sugary drinks from teens because they have a constitutional right, teens should not be forced to drink aspartame drinks, and more adults have diabetes than teens. Just because some teens get "overdosed" on some sugary drinks doesn't mean you should take sugary drinks away from ALL teens.

Consitutional Rights...!! Teens have them..

Teens are being forced to give up drinking sugary drinks, I don't think that's right. Teens have a constitutional right. They think they can just ban sugary drinks because teens are getting diabetes. Everyone has a voice and they can't just skip over our opinion. So its there choice to listen to us but we have a voice that should be heard!!!!

Teens Drinking a Drink that can cause them Cancer...!!!!!!!!!!!! What!!!!!!

Teens are being forced to drink aspartame and that can cause cancer.... WHAT!?!?!?!?! So you can get cancer by drinking that. You can get diabetes and from drinking sugary drinks but you can get cancer from aspartame drinks. Either way you have a chance to die... What is the government thinking...????

Ban Drinks from Adults then.......

I have a graph that shows that adults drink more sugary drinks than teens do.According to the graph when you are between the ages of 40 and 59 you drink the most sugary drinks for men and women the teens are in the 9.5 range for males and for females its 17.4, but we aren't as bad as the 40-59 year old's. The other graph says that people drink more regular pop than anything else on the graph but we don't only drink soda...

What are you going to vote for???? For??? or Against??????

The government is trying to restrict sugary drinks from teens but I say no way. Teens have a constitutional right, we all have a voice and have the right for it to be heard. The government is trying to make us teens drink an aspartame drink that causes cancer!!!???? WHAT!! Are they trying to kill us??? If we drink too much sugary drinks we can get cancer but NOT ALL teens are gonna get carried away with it... So they can't restrict it just because of a couple teens, and adults drink more sugary drinks then teens so why punish us???!!!!..... Some teens may "overdose" but not all so the government can't just take it away from all teens, some teens are irresponsible but NOT ALL...!!!!!!